Nine Safety Tips For Proper Garage Door Use

by Editor on June 4, 2013


Nine Safety Tips For Proper Garage Door Use

In many homes, the garage door is the heaviest and largest moving object. If the garage door hasn’t been properly maintained or cared for, it may cause injury or death. In fact, Americans have seen their fair share of deaths related to garage door malfunctions. Understanding how to maintain and operate your garage door properly will ensure that everyone in your family will be safe from garage door hazards. Since your garage door can malfunction at any given time, it is crucial that everyone in the home follows the same safety guidelines for operating the garage door.

  1. Children should not stand, play or run near the garage door when the door is moving or left open. While the chances are small, you never know if the garage door may roll down unexpectedly.
  2. Small children should not be allowed to play with the garage remotes or push button remotes mounted on the side wall of the garage. In order to protect the child from the dangers of a falling garage door, be sure to mount the controller at least 5 feet from the garage floor.
  3. Never push the button to close the garage door and then attempt to run underneath the moving components. This can lead to great bodily harm.
  4. When closing or opening the garage door, always watch the door until it has stopped moving. Make sure that nothing goes underneath the door while it is still in motion. This can trigger the motion detector to cause the door to raise again.
  5. Keep hands and fingers away from the sections of the garage door while it is closing or opening to avoid injury.
  6. Make sure that you properly maintain your garage door to keep it working correctly. Whether or not it is showing signs of malfunction, every garage door should be evaluated by a trained garage door service technician every year.
  7. 7. Keep in mind that your garage door opener runs off of electricity and should not be allowed to become wet.
  8. Never attempt to personally repair the cables or springs on your garage door without being properly trained. Since the cables and springs function under extreme tension, they can cause extreme damage, injury, or death.
  9. If your garage door has been damaged by a car, it is important to have it inspected by a professional service technician. Although the door may not appear to be damaged, the operating system can easily become misaligned and create a dangerous environment.

In order to keep your home safe, make sure that your garage door is properly maintained and is in good working condition. By having your family understand the safety rules, you can be assured that no one in your household will be injured by a damaged garage door.

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