Must-Have Accessories To Create A Cosy Bedroom

by Editor on May 14, 2013


The room in which you lay your head down at night should be cosy and comfortable to induce feelings of relaxation and help you drift off to a restful sleep. Check out these easy ways you can create a lovely ambience in your bedroom.

Soft Rugs
While a hallway rug trampled on multiple times daily should be selected for durability, you can afford to choose a softer more luxurious weave for your bedroom floor. Lovely to walk on and essential for wooden floors, a shag pile rug that fits with your colour scheme will create a warm, cosy feel to the room.

Pillows and more Pillows
Pillows and cushions instantly create a cosy feel. So, use lots of them. Decorative throw pillows for you bed and/or couch are a great, easy and inexpensive way of making your room more luxurious looking and comfortable. They can serve a useful function too, helping you to sit up in bed and read. Vary colour and size of pillows as well as the textures of the covers. Arrange them artfully and consider a proper coverlet and throw blankets, too.

Relaxing & Warm Light
A restful, romantic lighting scheme is what is generally desired for the bedroom. Luckily, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere doesn’t have to cost the earth. Use soft light bulbs in existing fixtures and invest in a bedside lamp and possibly a larger, free-standing one, too. Make sure the switches are easily accessible. Try out different coloured bulbs to create different looks via lighting. Make sure you have enough light to work in your room if you need to. Also make sure there is a light in the closet so you can actually see what clothing you are choosing and what it looks like when you put it on. For a high-end lighting scheme enlist the help of an LED lighting specialist. It’s possible to install the lights behind a sheet of glass on the wall, the colour controllable by a handheld remote control.

Soft & Natural Colours
A soft colour palette is generally better for the bedroom, if you want a cosy, comfortable ambience. Soft blues or greens are colours considered relaxing. Avoid pastels however, if you want to brighten the room, instead go for light turquoise or a yellowy green. Don’t paint your walls white if you can help it. If you want a plain look, choose an off white or cream tone to warm up the atmosphere. Remember to consider how much natural daylight the room receives and how this will affect how the colour looks during the evening for instance.

Soft & Plush Bed
Even if you like a firm mattress, choosing coverings for your bed that convey a soft, plush look will ensure a comfy, cosy look is achieved. You may wish to install a canopy bed and use fine cottons and silks to dress your bed. Add a throw and, of course, plenty of pillows. Your boudoir will look so cosy you may want to curl up in bed straight away.

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