Moving – Some Dos And Don’ts Before You Start

by Editor on April 25, 2013


Moving house doesn’t necessarily have to be very stressful. Although there are a lot of things that need to be accomplished before your relocation, there are also a couple of ways you can to make this process easier.

Do Clearly Label Boxes

If you don’t label your boxes, you’re going to have a nightmare while unpacking. You should clearly label every box with the room it goes in (kitchen, bath, master bed, etc.) and a brief description of its contents (glasses, books, toiletries, etc.). When you get to your new home, you’ll be able to place boxes where they should go and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Don’t Bring Everything

Moving is the perfect time to purge anything unnecessary from your belongings. You do not want to bring everything you have to your new home. As you pack, get rid of anything you don’t want, use, or need. You’re going to have enough stuff to move and place without worrying about extra things that are unimportant and that you won’t miss if they’re gone.

Do Research Movers

Before you hire a moving company, make sure you thoroughly research all of your options. You should not choose a mover just based on price, because as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Find out from friends, family, and online reviews if the moving companies have good reputations and if they are good at their job. Don’t hire someone with a lot of complaints.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Packing and moving always takes much longer than you expect it will. You really won’t realize how much stuff you actually own until you’re packing and packing and have barely made a dent in your belongings. If you wait too long, you’ll be in a rush, which can lead to inefficient packing or costly mistakes while moving. Get a head start on everything to be extra safe with time.

Do Ask for Help

It’s recommended to hire professional movers, especially for all your furniture, because moving into a new house is not an easy or quick job. You shouldn’t expect the movers to do everything, however, so it’s a good idea to ask for some help from your family and friends. They can help you with little things, like arranging, decorating, and unpacking, which will be a huge relief.

Don’t Be Too Cheap

Moving is expensive, but it is one thing that you really don’t want to skimp on when it comes to costs and expenses. Besides the movers, you’ll also need to spend a reasonable amount of money on things like boxes and packing tape. While you can get a lot of those for free, it will be hard to acquire as many boxes as you need and have them also be sturdy and reliable.

Do Keep Essentials Aside

It may be awhile before you’re fully unpacked, so be sure to keep essentials like a change of clothing, toothbrush, eyeglasses, etc. separate. You don’t want to waste time digging for them in the midst of everything else that’s going on with your move.

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