Modern Chair Design From Stylish Past Masters

by Editor on April 26, 2013

My New Chair!

Want to update the look and feel of your dining area? Well, all you need is a new dining room set.

Most modern dining room sets now feature a rectangular table in an oak-type colour with four or six chairs which have arch back and faux leather seat covers. Some chairs have seats and seat backs which are clad in this now popular dining room staple. But what ever happened to looking for something different from the norm? When did we all become high street clones? Isn’t it our individuality which defines us and makes us different from the person in the house next door?

Designer dining furniture might be cheaper than you think, with many designer chairs only slightly more expensive than the ever-present faux leather high back.

Chair style trends

High street shops might like to think that they have cornered the dining room market, but there’s a growing trend for designer styles which can really make a difference to how a home looks.

Chair designs from the 1950s are back in fashion, and one 50s designer, Hans J Wegner really left his mark on how pieces from this period were styled. He used minimalistic designs combined with the natural beauty of the wood to blend simplicity and elegance. His design ethos lives on today in the reproduction pieces which hark of simpler times.

Hans J Wegner chairs can be used as dining chairs or even as single pieces to add style and design flair to a room. Most of the designs replicated today feature a curved back with a comfortable seat pad and can be used for a range of different purposes.
It’s perhaps the classic designs which mark Hans J Wegner apart from some of his peers and also the fact that chairs styled this way are as trendy today as they were more than half a century ago.

Stepping back a little further in time Xavier Pauchard founded his first workshop in 1905 and registered his now well known Tolix trademark in 1927. His ‘A’ chair became a cult furniture item due to its stackable and robust design. The chair was crafted in sheet metal and because of its lightness and easy maintenance it became immensely popular in many spheres, from hospitals to cafes and even outside in municipal areas his chairs were seen as a mark of functionality with a simple yet beautiful artistic design.
Replica A chairs are manufactured today in huge numbers and Xavier’s design ethos lives on in homes across Europe and the rest of the world. Tolix style chairs are available in a huge array of different colours and their simplistic, yet retro-designer charm is something that everyone who loves art can relate to.

About the Author

Jason Jones loves designer furniture and especially loves the simplicity of the Art Deco era. He loves the new dining chairs which replicate the designs of times past.

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