Mezzanine Floors Add Space With Style

by Editor on May 16, 2013

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The mezzanine floor has come back in a big way and is the solution of many problems within the construction of your home. Space has become a major problem these days and a mezzanine floor is one of the best ways to create this much needed space. Incorporating mezzanine floors into your home is a much more viable idea then having to extend your home and change its construction. Mezzanine floors can also create an innovative and creative space in your home that will add to its value and character. In this interesting and informative article, we look at the benefits of a mezzanine floor when wanting to expand opposed to building on, and a few really great ideas for your new mezzanine floors.

The Benefits Of A Mezzanine Floor

When wanting to expand

Sooner or later there will come a point where the need to expand as families do, will arrive. This can be incredibly costly and be a major inconvenience in the home. This is where installation of a mezzanine floor or floors will come into play.


Opposed to a total refurbishment and extension, mezzanine floor construction can be an incredibly cost effective alternative. Think of all the money you can save on materials, tools and a workforce if you hire a construction worker to do the work. When it comes to mezzanine floor construction, all you need to do is select the dedicated area and choose the right fitting mezzanine and get it installed.

No big fuss

When wanting to expand or extend your home, there is going to be quite a disruption. This will impact the whole family, routine and your comfort as there may be a lot of rubble and dust everywhere. In some occasions you may even have to move out of your home. When choosing to extend your home with a mezzanine floor, there will be minimum disruption and it can be done in a day or two opposed to weeks or even months.

Amazing and unique spaces and areas

When using a mezzanine floor opposed to totally refurbishing the space of your home, there are many design benefits. Instead of adding more spaces to your home, a mezzanine floor or floors will assist you in creating a new, fresh, innovative and creative space.

Awesome ideas

There are so many great ideas once can use their new mezzanine floor and floors for. Why not create a children’s playroom where toys and playing is kept in a secret room, what about a bar housing cocktails or even wine cellar?

About the Author

Jemma Scott is a design blogger with a passion for creative architecture and interiors; lately she’s been looking at how the right mezzanine floor can transform any living space.

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