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by Editor on June 7, 2013


Moving can enhance our lives, both personally and professionally; whether you are looking to relocate for a new opportunity or start your life out on your own for the first time. In terms of commercial circumstances, moving can give you the opportunity to expand into a new market. It can also give you the chance to begin down the path of entrepreneurship and offer your specific skill set to a new community. One of the most important aspects in your prospective move is deciding on a new destination to call home. One of these fantastic destinations is The Great Lakes State, Michigan, which offers opportunities to all who wish to call it home.

Grand Rapids

The city of Grand Rapids offers something for everyone. The downtown area offers a chance to be in the heart of everything business and night life.  Residents who wish to work in the healthcare industry will find ample opportunities within the city. As of 2011 more than sixteen thousand people were employed in the industry in the city. On the outskirts of the city, residents looking to escape will find the shores of Lake Michigan beckoning them.

The city offers many exciting activities for residents to enjoy including having the ability to root on the Grand Rapids Griffins, the American Hockey League affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings.


Located in the Northeastern part of the state, Alpena has quickly become the commercial and cultural hub of the area. In terms of commercial opportunities, potential residents can expect to encounter a business-friendly community. If your company works with all things water sports, the city’s location overlooking Lake Huron’s Thunder Bay will work to your advantage. The bay consistently attracts people looking to enjoy a National Marine Sanctuary as well as the opportunity to enjoy land and water based sports.

In terms of a cultural experience, visitors and residents alike can enjoy many attractions such as the Jesse Besser Museum which offers a variety of exhibits surrounding the fields of art, history and science.


The home of the Michigan State Spartans, Lansing is a bustling college town. While the University is one of the largest draws there are plenty more opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy. These include a winding system of parks that will allow users to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you want to hike or bike, or just go for a walk to calm down before a final exam, there is a park waiting for you.

Another large draw that may attract business owners looking to build their company is the city’s central location. Lansing is just over 90 miles from Detroit and within driving distance to Ann Arbor as well as Grand Rapids.

Potential residents looking for a new start in Lansing may want to check into some of their biggest employers, including the health care and banking industries.


Whether you are looking to move to Grand Rapids or Lansing, chances are you will need some assistance moving your possessions. A Michigan moving company will be able to give you the professional resources that will help the process run as smooth as possible for you.

Moving signals the opportunity to embark on a new adventure. Choose your destination and enjoy!

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