Making Your Garage An Effective Storage Space

by Editor on May 3, 2013


Many homes have so much clutter that much of it inevitably migrates to the garage which also often has to house tools and gardening equipment. It is ironic that the last thing most garages ever contain is the thing they were built for – a car! There is a great temptation just to keep throwing things into the space without much care which generally results in a confused mess in which it is difficult to find anything. If you want to save yourself a great deal of searching and create some room to use for something other than clutter then some organisation is in order!


Start by sorting through everything in the garage to ensure that it is all stuff you actually want to keep. You will probably come across things which you haven’t seen for years and a great many items that you no longer need. Sell anything of value that you don’t want (perhaps via garage sale!) and dispose of the rubbish. You will have already started to make some space. Move on to sorting your items according to use so you can store related things together making them easier to find. Put all gardening equipment in one pile, decorating materials in another and so on.

Creating Space

Clearly you will achieve little if you leave everything on the floor! The secret is to use the walls and ceiling to store your material and you can do this by installing shelves and then fixing robust hooks for hanging larger pieces like ladders and lawnmowers. You can hang smaller objects from the ceiling but be careful that nothing hangs so low that you could knock your head. To create additional tidy storage and the benefit of a work surface install some old kitchen units to the back wall of the garage or build a frame and fix some kitchen worktop to it. You can use the cupboards or the area under the work surface for storage and the top as a work bench. If the area underneath your bench looks unsightly use some fabric to make a curtain to conceal the clutter.

 Going Up

If you still need more space look upwards. If your garage is to the side of the house or detached and has its own roof space you can cut yourself an access hatch, board the floors in your new loft and install a fold-away loft ladder. I have never understood why house builders do not do this when they are constructing the property as the cost is minimal but the space such a selling point. This valuable additional space can be used to store anything you don’t frequently need access to and keeps everything out of sight.

Finishing Touches

For a cleaner environment in your garage whitewash the walls and seal the floor to keep away the dust.  Take care not to obstruct the opening of the garage doors with any of your storage solutions. You should now have a useable space with your possessions stored neatly around the edges. You can use you garage as a workshop or home gym and who knows you could even put your car in it!

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