Making Your Conservatory An All-Year Room

by Editor on April 29, 2013


One popular way to extend a home’s living space is to build a conservatory. This has been a common practice in recent years due to the fact that it can effectively make your home more spacious and more inviting. Aside from that, it’s usually a more cost-effective solution than an extension. Plus, planning permission may not be usually required and, with the Government discussing ways to loosen the regulations further, it is likely that homeowners will continue to expand their living space by building conservatories for many years to come.

Traditionally conservatories have been regarded as a summer house and certainly the large expanse of glass in a conservatory makes it suitable for this purpose but logic would suggest that the room needs to be usable throughout the year rather than standing empty during cold winter nights. A few simple steps can help to make your conservatory a room for all times and occasions.

Heating and Insulation

Heating your conservatory is essential if you wish to get the most out of it during autumn and winter. Standalone oil-filled radiators, fan and electric heaters tend to be on the more expensive side so a more cost-effective permanent solution is preferable. Fitting a radiator that is connected to your domestic central heating is one option although the lack of wall space can be an obstacle. An alternative solution is to fit under floor heating which can be used with most floor types and produces a more gentle form of heat than a radiator and can also have considerable benefits in reducing the allergens which many asthma sufferers react to.

Insulating a conservatory is more of a challenge as no alterations can be made to the roof without breaking planning and building regulations. However, certain standards should be applied during construction such as insulating the floor and using cavity wall insulation in the dwarf walls. Once the conservatory is erected then thermal blinds on the windows and roof will help to retain heat in the cooler months and prevent the room from becoming too hot in the summer.


Many people view a conservatory as a halfway point between the home and the garden, somewhere where they can sit peacefully and enjoy the garden without stepping outside in the cooler weather. Choosing appropriate furniture which is suited for outdoor use can help to reinforce this idea; for example, an aluminium or rattan sofa set and table will convey the concept of outdoor living within the home and of course can be easily transported into the garden for the warmer weather and brought back inside as the evening draws in.

Similarly the careful choice of house plants within the conservatory can help to make it an indoor part of the garden. With an expansive space available why not select large-leaved varieties such as cheese plants or yucca which will also thrive in the sunny conditions.

Also, ensure that you have sufficient power points fitted so that you can use domestic electrical equipment in your conservatory such as a television, computer or radio.

It only takes a few simple steps

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home and not only creates an additional spacious living area but also brings the garden into your home. To make it usable all year around it is well-worth implementing a few simple and cost-effective steps so that you can reap the benefits whatever the weather outside.

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