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by Editor on November 11, 2013

Solar power

When it comes to solar power, everyone is interested as they have heard about the benefits of solar products but no one really knows what it is all about.  So a look into FAQs about solar energy will provide the buyer with all the necessary info and will also make the person who already has solar products more savvy.  One of the first questions that come to mind is how the whole thing works.  The technology is so simple and yet, so advanced that it is mind boggling.  The panels produce DC electricity when sunlight hits them.  Then the inverter converts that electricity into AC electricity which can be used by the building.

Of course, what everyone needs to know is whether it is money saving.  However, the truth is that it not only enables the household to save money but also to make money.  Any excess electricity that is produced gets directly into the grid making your meter run backwards.  This will make your utility company to pay you money.  The amount that you earn will depend on the size and extent of solar panel installation as well as on the amount that you will use for your air conditioners and other solar powered appliances.Now when it comes to the best company,AGL Solar Power systemsoffers you the best solution for all your needs.

For those out there who want to invest but are hesitant because of the failure stories of solar installation floating around, AGL is the choice that will keep you safe from such disasters.  They have all the answers on common FAQs about solar energyand their team will guide you from start to finish.  Usually one will not know what they actually need.  For example there are two ways to get hot water.  One is through a solar hot water system which will give hot water by directly getting heated by the sun.  The other is the solar PV system which will use the electricity produced by the panels to heat up water.

Now the main criteria will be whether your roof is suitable for solar product installation.  Generally the preferred orientation of the roof is north-facing as that is where you will get maximum sunlight.  Ideally the roof should be exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day without any shading.  However, a little shade from buildings or trees for a short while is ok.  However, your roof can face east or west provided there is enough space to install the product and the required amount of sunshine falls on it throughout the day.  AGL Solar Power systemswill give you the products that will help you to make maximum use of sunlight with its latest technology panels.

Perhaps the one last thing that you need to know before installation is whether you can add more panel in future.  The answer is yes, provided there is enough space on the roof and the inverter has the capacity to add more panels.  The company can help you choose the required equipment keeping this criterion in mind.AGL Solar Power systems also advice you to keep your main source of electricity as the solar panels do not generate electricity during the night.  Cloudy days also prove to be a hindering factor and you will need the main power supply to fall back on.  It is when you use the solar power as an alternate source that you get value for money.

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