Make A Room Look Cosy With The Right Lighting

by Editor on June 5, 2013


Make A Room Look Cosy With Lighting

When you want to go home people want to be able to feel comfortable. They want to go to a place that feels welcoming and likewise anyone who comes to stay ought to feel that when you say “Make yourself at home” that it really feels like they could! If you want to have a room that makes you feel better it is worth knowing a few lighting techniques that will make your room feel cosy.


One of the simplest ways to make a room feel more comfortable is to have well positioned lamps in the room, highlighting the areas where you want to sit or lie down and not think about the stressful time you have had in the day.

This additional light source can help to make a room feel more comfortable as it means you can turn off the other lights and use this as the sole source of light at certain appropriate times. For example if you want to sit and watch a film having a lamp and an open fire this can help you to switch off after the end of a long day as the softer light creates a more relaxing atmosphere, especially if you are watching an epic classic or an intimate romantic drama for the fiftieth time!

This is also useful in bedrooms if you want an additional lighting source. Well positioned track lights or other forms of mounted ceiling lights are also good if you want specifically focused lighting to make a room feel warmer and make you want to head off to bed!

Dimmer switches

While white light can make a room feel more spacious there is the danger that it can reduce the intimate feeling of a room. A dimmer switch allows for a bit more control. Reducing the brightness a bit is ideal if you want to make a room feel more intimate, whether it means you have people feeling a bit more relaxed while eating in a dining room or preparing to relax when they finally slump into bed!


If you have ever read anything about colour psychology you will know that certain colours create different moods in people. Often this is quite subtle but a little positive shift can often help people to feel more comfortable. Equally the opposite is true and if a colour is too harsh or oppressive it can make people feel intimidated as well.

In the case of making a room feel cosy using lighter shades and colours are best. Instead of using red a softer shade like pink is better in order to evoke a calmer and more peaceful feel in the room. Orange or a lighter yellow are also evocative of brightness and summer and so are ideal if you want to cheer up a room on a cold day!

Of course there are other ways you can make a room feel cosy as well as using strategically placed light sources. Clearing away clutter, a big chair and a nice, comfortable bed are all key in ensuring people can be comfortable because you need to physically feel comfortable as well as mentally. However with the right lighting you can literally highlight and create your own comfort zone and it is as much about your own emotions and perceptions as it is the physical space you are in.

In simple terms you may not have the biggest room or fancy furniture. But by using the right forms of lighting you can change your perception and make it easier to get yourself in your own comfortable little personal space.

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