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by Editor on May 20, 2013

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What is the difference between a good kitchen and a great kitchen? For many, it is not just about the look. It is also about how easy it is to get things done. In a good kitchen, you can prepare pretty much any meal. In a great kitchen, you can prepare the same things more quickly and easily with minimal hassle.

It is like when you see a TV chef prepare something and all the ingredients are to hand and they have all the right equipment. Clearly there are more culinary gadgets and bits of equipment than you could ever need, but here are a few you really can’t do without, together with other things needed to make your kitchen great.


There are some items of equipment which will be used pretty much every time you prepare food, so it makes little sense to economise. When it comes to the basics, don’t try and get away with substandard products, invest in quality.

A good set of knives is a good place to start. Ridiculously large numbers of people make do with substandard knives, but this is not just counterproductive, it is also dangerous. A blunt knife requires more pressure to be exerted and is far more likely to slip off whatever you are cutting as well. This isn’t to mention the fact that it will make chopping and slicing a real chore.

Sharp knives are a must, as is a decent chopping board. Manmade materials are commonly used nowadays, but they are of wildly variable quality. A lot of thinner boards will buckle to leave an inadequate cutting service. A thick wooden board is still best in most cases, although there are alternatives.

When it comes to pans and roasting tins, stainless steel is usually the best option, although there are good non-stick options as well. If you go for the latter, don’t skimp because cheaper ones will need replacing far, far sooner.


A lot of gadgets are fads, but those which have stood the test of time are worth investing in. To give one example, a knife sharpener can be a real boon. Blenders and spice grinders also offer a great deal, allowing you to make lots of dishes in a fraction of the time they would otherwise take.

Kitchen layout

Don’t overlook the importance of the kitchen space as a whole. If you have a good solid granite worktop, you have a great place to work and it won’t chip or scratch, unlike some alternatives. You should also think carefully about how you lay out your various facilities.

Food preparation, cooking, serving and washing-up are the four things you will need to do. Each will need its own area and you will need to allow enough room for each if you are to avoid a cramped, awkward cooking experience. A lot of designers recommend creating a work triangle, which involves the sink, cooker and fridge forming the three different points. You can then have distinct storage, preparation and cleaning zones.

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Shannon Johnson is currently redesigning her kitchen and is looking at the worktops found at Henderstone.

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