Love At First Site: Purchasing The Perfect Property In The Perfect Place

by Editor on May 23, 2013

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Buying a house is an extremely stressful business. If you are a first time buyer and are perhaps seeking the help of an estate agent, it is a good idea to get clued up before you undertake that first viewing.

Stake Out the Place

Selecting the best house for you begins with finding the perfect area. Take a look at the high street in any town to gain an insight into what sort of price you can expect to pay for a house. If a street is lined with trendy coffee shops and delicatessens, prices are likely to be higher and you may have to compromise on space. If the town centre is not a desirable place to be in, there is nothing stopping you asking the local council whether there are any imminent plans to improve the area; you may be able to get a decent bargain.

It is also beneficial to look at the local schools, even if you do not yet have children. Checking this out offers peace of mind should you decide to remain in the region for a long period of time.  Furthermore, the presence of universities offers the opportunity to rent a room out, providing some helpful extra cash. One of the most important things is to be like Mystic Meg and look to the future. Choosing a house located on the boundary of amazing but expensive areas is a good idea, as is ensuring you choose a house with ample parking space. These are the things potential future buyers will be keeping an eye out for.

Bang the Gavel

Now that you have got the area sussed out and are almost as property wise as property experts like TV’s Kirstie and Phil, it is time to move onto the act of buying. First time buyer incentives are becoming increasingly prominent and may be worth a look should you be a little short of cash.  Homeownership schemes are available too. The incentive provides the chance to either buy a portion of the home and rent the rest of the share, or take out an equity loan with delayed fees for five years.

Either of these schemes is great for first time buyers who want to get on the ladder but do not have a huge budget.  Furthermore, it is worth considering purchasing a property at auction. You can seek out a bargain, although the chances are you will need to buy a hard hat and get stuck into some renovation work. When buying your first home there are many potential paths to go down, so take your time and choose the one that is right for you.

Bargain Hunters

When you have found the perfect home through an estate agent or by your own means, it is time to make an offer. Do not be scared to put in a fairly low offer, especially if the house has been on the market for a while. However, if a home has been on the market for a considerably extended amount of time, there may be reasons other than a high price. Delve into matters further, ensuring that you do not end up purchasing a house which is not right for you. Before the process is completed and an offer accepted, employ a chartered surveyor to look around the house. This brings to light any problems with the structure of the property, saving you both time and money in repairs at a later date. The market may be a tad unpredictable at the moment, but your property prowess certainly isn’t, so get out there and score a deal.

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