Kitchen Cabinetry 101

by Editor on July 16, 2013

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Whether traditional or cutting edge contemporary, cabinets determine the entire style and sense of your home.

When formulating a kitchen remodeling project, the majority of homeowners have a problem with the decision of what type of cabinets to choose, and whether to opt for custom made or stock units.

Over the past couple of years the choices in stock units have increased, making them far more attractive to many homeowners. It’s now possible to purchase a broad range of measurements and designs with characteristics that used to only be found with custom-designed cabinets — for example roll-out shelves, glass doorways and other trendy choices.

Custom-built units provide the most variety — as well as the perfect fit — as they are constructed with the homeowner’s needs and taste in mind. Although a lot of people believe custom cabinets are very expensive, much depends upon which products you select. High end stock units can often be compared to simple custom units.

As a general rule, kitchen cabinets are among the highest priced remodeling project — taking on almost half of your entire kitchen remodeling budget. But don’t forget they’re also a major focal point in the home and may greatly improve resale value as well.

Cabinets are made from quite a few different materials: solid wood, manufactured wood services and products, such as laminates, melamine, PVC and medium-density fiberboard. The expense of the units will be based largely on which form of material you choose.
Wood, or even a combination of wood for the outside and prefabricated components inside, remains a popular choice for cabinets with many homeowners. Even though the common brown wood look can be a little basic, darker colors and unique laminates are making a comeback.

Home designs
There are two major door designs for kitchen cabinets: frameless or framed. Frameless is more sleek and contemporary, while framed is normally associated with a more conventional look.
A favorite pattern over the past few years is selecting furniture pieces, or having a custom-built system that seems like a piece of furniture. Lots of people will also be choosing to mix and match the final product and design of various items. As long as it’s well-planned, the effect may be spectacular.
Yet another pattern that is completely changing the look of many kitchens is to have custom-built cabinets with related systems for devices, such as the fridge and dishwasher — giving the kitchen a more seamless look.

Case extras
Throw out the boring, common kitchen look and upgrade your kitchen to look contemporary and unique. Fast-forward to rollout cabinets for the base cabinets, a flip-down corner to keep the cookbook, recycling facilities, and invisible pantries. In today’s kitchens the emphasis is on maximum efficiency and optimal storage. Building the perfect home is now similar to an art form.
Hardware for cabinets can also be a whole lot more diverse than it was previously, with a wide variety of finishes and materials to select from. The correct electronics really can pull together the entire kitchen project. Just make certain it is the practical choice too.

Investing in a brand new home can be complicated. Your kitchen company might help guide you through the labyrinth of decision-making along the way. A great builder will have updated information and solid advice to allow you to make the very best option for your kitchen.

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