Keep The Bathroom Warm And Toasty With One Of These Heating Options

by Editor on May 14, 2013

While usually when designing a new bathroom the main priorities will be the tub itself, the sink, tiles and the bathroom furniture, one should not overlook the importance of picking the right radiator for your new suite.

Here then I look at some of the trendier options available when it comes to radiators, ranging from traditional towel rails to towel radiators with a more modern twist.

Traditional Towel Rails

If you have opted for a more traditional design to your bathroom, then you should probably look into the wide range of traditional towel rails currently on the market.

While many include the very traditional looking white column aspects of a radiator, they do so in a much more stylistic manner these days, with the number of columns typically ranging from anything from four columns to eight columns.

As well as ranging in column size, traditional towel rails also come in a number of sizes too, so you will easily find one suitable for your bathroom size.

To really mix things up, but still keeping the traditional vibe, you could instead go for a floor standing radiator or even a wall hanging towel rail – two very different approaches to the traditional positioning of a radiator, but not sacrificing the overall old school feel of the devices.

Flat Panel Radiators

A more modern twist to the traditional radiator is a flat panel radiator; these look eye-catching and will certainly impress the guests.

Like the traditional towel rails, these come in a range of sizes to suit all manner of bathrooms, with some big enough to span the vast majority of a wall and others small enough for one or two towels.

The good thing about these and column radiators (which I discuss more below) is the fact that you even if you only have a smaller bathroom, you can actually pick the bigger designs if you wish as they stretch upwards rather than going across a room, it all depends on the available space for your bathroom furniture.

Column Radiators

For something with a more modern vibe, why not look at a column radiator for the bathroom? What is particularly appealing about these is the fact that you can also opt for similar designs across the house, so if you are in the midst of a general overhaul of your home, these look just as great in the bathroom as in the living room.

A Word of Advice

Although it probably goes without saying, you really don’t want to get someone in to do your bathroom for you before only then deciding on a radiator.

Depending on the piping and method of heating you choose, e.g. electric or via your boiler, you may need a plumber in to install the system. The last thing you want is to then find out he will need to drill into your precious new wall tiles or floor tiles – so be prepared.

So there you have it, a whole host of ideas in order to make sure that your bathroom not only looks great, but also features an eye-catching heating system as well. Ultimately, it comes down to your overall bathroom design, so whether you opt for one of the various traditional towel rails on offer, or a modern looking column radiator will mostly be influenced by the rest of your design.

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Louisa Jenkins is a home improvement expert who specialises in offering advice on how to create brilliant bathrooms in the home. Whether it be traditional towel rails or picking the right tiles, she has tips for everyone.

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