Keep A Roof Over Your Head: The Most Informative Roofing Websites

by Staff Editor on May 17, 2013

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Roofing your home or business can be a long process involving planning and material selection to carrying out installation.  Whether you’re looking to hire a contractor or hoping to do it yourself, we’ve put together a list of four top sites that will be a help to anyone interesting in the roofing process.

This Old House


This Old House offers instructional videos to how to select between a variety of roofing materials available in the market. It also covers traditional topics such as replacing shingles, making repairs and proper maintenance.  The site also offers specific information on topics such as leaks, roof pitch, having a flat roof among other issues.  This Old House even provides helpful feature articles tackling common roofing questions.  Related home improvement content is also provided in relation to roofing. This may relate to windows you want to place or a roof, or adding on siding.  It even explains how to install emergency roofing in the short term.  Have any roofing questions or advice for others?  This Old House also allows you to ask and comment in both cases, offering interactive help to your unique situation.



Many may see the name of the site and be skeptical, but Wikipedia offers a powerful broad scope review of the roofing process for anyone that doesn’t know where to start.  Of course, always take what you read on the site with a grain of salt, as there’s a reason you could never cite wiki during your student days.  Because anyone can change the pages content, you don’t want to base your roofing project off of wiki.  However, it does offer an explanation to conducting proper roof construction, and provides links to other terms and procedures involved in roofing such as information on hammer-beams or trusses.  Also utilize the “See also” list at the end of the article covering a plethora of roofing vocabulary and topics.  Wiki can provide the background information you need before you head to Home Depot or meet a contractor to discuss your roofing needs.

National Roofing Contractors Association


The NRCA is a trade association that functions as a leading body of authority in the roofing industry.  It is meant to represent all members of the roofing sector, not just the contractors but those who manufacture and distribute roofing products, engineers, etc.  The site provides a consumer section that offers a directory and allows you to find roofing contractors in your area who are NRCA members.  It also maintains a database to answer technical questions concerning roofing, as well as resources on a multitude of roofing topics ranging from contractor qualifications to roof check-up guides.



eHow’s section on roofing is angled more toward the struggle of financing expensive roofing projects.  The site offers step-by-step numbered instructions to follow for how to properly go about securing funds for your roofing project.  This may be through secured loans given by a bank or through municipal government grants.  Among practical advice such as comparing between the costs of materials and multiple contractors, eHow also suggests less common options that many may not be aware of.  Examples include low cost loans from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

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