Japanese-Inspired Interior Styling Ideas

by Editor on September 16, 2013

interior design / 内装(ないそう)

Are you ready to spruce up your new home? This time around, you can be a bit different with styling, but remember that interior décor is not just about tossing a few new cushions on your sofa or adding a new vase to your coffee table – it involves a lot more effort and thought.

Few reports show that home values in San Diego County, Orange County and other places throughout U.S. have improved in recent times. A new interior therefore will also increase the value of your home and allow you to take advantage in case you sell it later.

A unique styling option is available in the form of Japanese interior décor. This style aims for darker hues as and open spaces to encourage a homey and warm environment.

Here are a few ideas to get you started with a focus on specific areas of the house.


Style your bedroom in a fashion that is not only Japanese, but also modern in essence. For the color, go for a shade of grey that suits you. Prefer a mid-tone grey that is neither too dark nor too light.

Get furniture in darker shades; dark brown wooden furniture with a very simplistic design. When it comes to bedding, go for red and black colored patterns. Patterns could be floral or even geometric to fit in with the Japanese theme.

Choose the lightning for this theme with utmost care. Select either showcase lighting that is fitted into the ceiling or lamps that have a very basic and minimalist design.

Living Room

Keep the living room a bit light and cheerful. A sunny color such as a bronze-y coral color that fits in with the Japanese would be an ideal option. For furniture, you do not need to buy entirely new pieces.

Revamp your old couch by changing the upholstery (white or tan would be nice colors to choose from). It would also be a great idea to hang samurai swords on the wall. As for general décor and lighting, go with wooden flooring and a light colored carpet to complement the sofas.

With a project like this, hiring a professional installation service for the windows will be beneficial. Experts are available all over southern California and beyond. A professional in your city can help you select new windows or replace old ones . For a Japanese theme, you would want to go with options that have square patterns all over them. Experts will ensure that the installation matches your requirements and you don’t end up with a wrong installation.


Your washroom can afford to be a bit livelier since it’s one of the places you and other members of the family visit now and then. Go for a red color for the walls, and choose black and red patterned rugs for the floors.

Choose a round shaped mirror to add more personality to the washroom and add simple styled lighting on top of the mirror. For the sink, go for a light toned wood so that it keeps the washroom from getting too dark.

Other than placing your washroom essentials, you can place a vase with some Japanese blossoms in it. Finish off with kimono bathrobes beside towels to spruce up the look.


Make the kitchen a blend of both the dark hues and the light. Choose white for the walls and go for a wooden design for the ceiling in dark toned wood.

For the counters, go with the dark toned wood as well, but keep the appliances more colored with a mix of greys, blacks and reds.

You can even prefer crockery and kitchen utensils like chopsticks in these colors as well to bring the entire look of the kitchen together.

Whether you want a complete makeover or just a touch up to the old look, these Japanese styling ideas will make your interior stand out when the fall season arrives.

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