Is Your Home Missing A Good Window Treatment?

by Editor on May 15, 2013

window treatment

Is your home missing a good window treatment? Do you have some concerns related to the list of available treatments? Do you want to enhance the beauty of your windows through this amazing interior element decorations? Most of the women may answer a big yes from the questions above. If you have assessed that your home needs a treatment then this article is the best guide that you should read at this point of time. Hard and soft treatments are the two types that you should know when you are planning to opt for one.

Hard Treatments

Hard window treatments are composed of the following sub types:

  • Durable Shades. In this subtype, the main component is made from fabric which can be rolled or folded. You can easily view the outside environment by rolling the shades up and down.
  • Window Blinds. These are actually the popular types of hard treatments. One thing that is unique in this type is the fact that you can view the outside environment without manipulating the shades. Furthermore, there are different types of window blinds. Some of the types are Roman and  Bali with vertical and horizontal styles. Blinds are useful in bedrooms as these materials are completely blocking the light coming from the outside environment and as a result, you can sleep in a dark place if you prefer to. Colorful blinds are recommended in lounge and kitchen windows.
  • Shutters. These window treatments are fixed in the frame of windows and made from materials like wood. Unlike other hard treatments, shutters cannot be rolled down and up but it can be folded in the window.

Soft Treatments

Unlike the hard ones, the soft window treatments are composed of soft and smooth materials. Some of the sub types are the following:

  • Drapery. This treatment is made from fabric and use for decorative intentions.
  • Curtains. Aside from blinds, curtains are the most common window treatments that the homeowners are using. These window treatments are made from  fine cloth with different designs, cuts and colors.

Other Treatments

Blocking sunlight rays and giving privacy to homeowners are the main reasons for the above two treatments but there are also some ways that concern on the windows overall features or edges. The other treatments are the following:

  • Cornice. Essentially, this is a decorative element that molds or crowns a furniture horizontally. You can place it over  a window or in a door. This material prevents your furniture from falling off.
  • Pelmet. Aside from the cornice, Pelmet is concern in the framework of the window. It is placed above the window to prevent convection currents or to simply give designs on your furniture.
  • Valance. It is concerned with the uppermost part of a window and acts as a covering. Homeowners can put this treatment accompanied with blinds and shutters.

As a last tip, you must select for the treatment that  fits your home and window appearances. Do not just opt for aesthetic intentions but consider the treatments it can give.

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