Is Scandinavian Style All About White?

by Editor on July 16, 2013


Everything Scandinavian is very trendy at the moment, from home interiors to television dramas. Here in the UK we like the idea of the Scandinavian way of life – the wide open spaces, the gorgeous homes and the relaxed way of living which seems to be missing in our everyday lives. It’s not practical to uproot and move over to Sweden for most of us, but you can inject a little bit of Scandinavian style into your home, whatever the period of the property. The common misconception is that Nordic style is all about white and minimalism, but this isn’t the case at all.

Clean and Uncluttered

The main aspect of Scandinavian style is the clean and uncluttered ethos. It’s about as far from Victorian clutter as you can imagine, and furniture and decoration is unfussy and without extra decoration. Much of the furniture is painted white, but overdoing the white in furnishings and wall colour can make the whole room too sterile and clinical, so balance this out with flashes of colour and natural materials such as wood rather than the more modern plastic or glass.


Despite the fact that Scandinavia is one of the colder parts of the world, Scandinavian style isn’t really about carpet. To recreate the style at home, ditch the carpet and either use the original floorboards or invest in some good quality laminate or wooden flooring. Paint the floorboards white or cream if you prefer, and then get some rugs to soften the floor and keep your toes warm and cosy in the winter months. Natural skins such as deerskin or a cow hide are a popular choice as a rug, and these can look very effective as a focal point in a room with white floorboards.


Scandinavian home accessories also follow the natural theme. Many retailers have items which fit perfectly into this theme, such as little ornaments made from woven pieces of willow, hand knitted cushion covers and mock antlers which you can hang on the wall and make a bit of a statement. Lots of the things which fit into the Scandinavian home accessories theme will be in your home already, it is just a case of pulling everything together to get a more cohesive look. If you like crafts then make your own little wooden hearts or search out craft fairs to get some individual and hand-made pieces.


So if Scandinavian style isn’t all about white, what colours can you use? Well, red features prominently in Scandinavian style, so a few splashes of red among the neutrals will make the room feel warmer and less clinical. Navy blue is also a good choice, as is a bottle green. Rather than choosing a mixture of lots of different colours choose one key colour to add to your neutral shades and keep your overall plan in mind when shopping for accessories. Browse online for inspiration, or take a trip to your local home interiors shop and ask them to point you in the right direction for some great accessories and furniture.

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