Is Laminate Flooring The Choice For You This Summer?

by Editor on May 28, 2013


If you are thinking about purchasing a new floor covering for your home in the coming summer months, be sure to consider laminate flooring. Available in a wide variety of colours and effects, laminate replicates the look and feel of natural materials without the huge price tag. Perfect for giving your home a light and airy feel, laminate is also forgiving to dirty footprints and spilt drinks.

For many years carpet has been the most commonly used floor covering in homes throughout Great Britain, owing to its availability and relative inexpensive price. Recently laminate has over-taken carpet as the country’s most popular floor covering. There are many reasons for this, including; appearance, function, hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Attractive and stylish
Laminate can transform the look of a room, instantly creating a contemporary and stylish finish. The clean lines associated with solid wood and wooden effect flooring, can create the appearance of space through its smooth surface.
Laminate is a flexible style option for the home, with numerous colours and shades available. Inspired by natural earth materials, laminate comes in a variety of wood and stone effects. With the ability to create a traditional rustic farmhouse feel or ultra modern look, laminate is highly versatile and suitable for almost every type of house. This attractive and stylish form of flooring has a timeless elegance, which regardless of changing trends in home furnishing, will match any décor.

Suitable for use throughout the home 
High traffic areas of the home, including the kitchen and entrance hall, need a hard-wearing floor covering. Carpet can become worn and stained, whilst general wear and tear can cause them to quickly become tired. Laminate is simple to keep clean and won’t fade or discolour regardless of how often it is washed. Perfect for busy families, a simple mop with hot water can have a laminate floor looking fresh in seconds.

Useful for allergy sufferers

For those who are affected by hay fever, asthma or other allergies, laminate flooring could help to reduce the risk of flare-ups. Carpet can be a haven for allergy causing substances such as pollen, dust mites and pet related matter. While of course regular hoovering helps, in summer it is nearly impossible to guarantee the removal of all allergens within the family carpet.

Pollen can particularly be a problem in the summer months, as it is easily brought into the home and difficult to get rid of. Hard surfaces are easier to keep clean and free from pollen and dust mites as a simple wipe down will eliminate the majority of allergens. A laminate floor covering in the bedroom can reduce exposure to allergens throughout the night, giving you a better night’s sleep and therefore a more pleasant day.

Unlike most floor coverings, laminate will continue to look new for many years with very little maintenance, and any repairs that may be needed in the future can be completed by the home DIY enthusiast. The affordable option, laminate has all the advantages of natural materials without any of the practical drawbacks.

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Author Colin McD: Being as asthma and hayfever sufferer, summer can bring many challenges, yet I didn’t think that choosing flooring would also be one! Buying laminate flooring seems to be the best option for me, however I just need see if I can fit it myself!

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