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by Editor on May 10, 2013


All Things Bright and Beautiful

Pantone, the colour experts, have released their palettes for 2014’s home interiors. The colour forecasts were unveiled at the recent Chicago International Home and Housewares show. Pantone created 9 different palettes that varied according to theme. So whether you’re planning a drastic interior overhaul – curtains, carpets and all, or simply want to make one or two adjustments around your home, next year’s colour predictions should help to guide you in your design and decision making.

Techno Colour

As the name suggests, techno colour pays homage to technology, and the effect it has on the world of design. In particular, the palette includes shades frequently found in the reflective surfaces of shiny machines. Hues for the techno colour set include Silver, Emerald, Methyl Blue, Tillandsia Purple, Majolica Blue, Dark Citron and Jet Black.


In traditional terms, physicality refers to intense, rigorous bodily activity. The palette, therefore, reflects this energy and vibrancy, and contrasts it with a more contemplative, calming set of colours. The evocatively-named shades in this collection include Forged Iron, Very Grape, Lavender Herb, Gothic Olive, Antique Moss, Fog and Rose Brown.

Sculpted Simplicity

This selection of colours is rather muted, so as to not overshadow the finished product. Sculpted Simplicity aims to emphasise the important of form and design. As such, shades in this palette consist of Iron, Twilight Mauve, Blanc de Blanc, Anthracite, Grisaille and Silver.


This gorgeous, bright palette represents the “Inevitable human need for life-sustaining cool water tones,” according to the palette description. These shades are then contrasted with the colours one might find on underwater sea creatures and in sea glass. Such hues include Dazzling Blue, Absinthe Green, Calypso Coral, Violet Tulle, Samoan Sun, Dewberry and Scuba Blue. This set certainly conjures up images of the ocean and tropical delights.


Eccentricities is another one of those palettes where anything goes. The imaginatively-named colours for this selection include Lemon Zest, Nectarine, Green Flash, Rouge Red, Strawberry Ice, Pirate Black and Marshmallow. According to Pantone, “Eccentricities is tongue-in-cheek in attitude with colour juxtapositions that are highly original and cleverly conceived in evocative combinations”.

Tribal Threads

This colour palette emphasises the interconnectedness of humans, and the idea that we all belong to some kind of tribe. The colours are incredibly varied, and can be combined to create simple or complex colour contrasts and designs. Shades include Dusty Cedar, Bleached Sand, Goblin Blue, Peppercorn, Arabesque and Kangaroo.


Moda “speaks of attention to detail and the drama of high fashion when translated into interiors”. Whilst colour combinations may be dramatic, they are always tasteful and classy. This rich, vibrant palette includes Magenta Haze, Red Dahlia, Blackberry Cordial, Corsican Blue and Linden Green.


This soft, pastel palette consists of warm, cool and neutral tones. Hues such as Rose Cloud, Cafe Crème, Languid Lavender, Opal Grey, Evening Haze, Fawn and Gardenia make up this gentle collection of shades.


The Pantone description for this collection is rather apt: “A gathering place for found objects that are well worn and somewhat nostalgic – a charming melange of artfully constructed designs that demonstrate ingenuity and resourcefulness”. Selected colours include Pumpkin Spice, Teal, Provincial Blue, Tea Rose, Rhubarb and Margarita.

So there you have it. 2014’s colour trends allow endless combinations to create understated or vibrant looks. Happy decorating!

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