Interior Design Trends: Don’t Be Carried Away By Fads

by Editor on April 25, 2013


Interior design continues to rule the world of home owners.  Even as recently as the turn of the millennium, people were happy just to paint their home or use a general wallpaper trend when it came to decorating.

However, today how the inside of our home looks is right up there with being a prominent force on Facebook with regards to how important many people see it to be. Wherever you look, you can find information related to interior design, and advice on what to do in your home.

That said, it is easy to look at some of the modern trends of today and think, “Really?” If that sounds like you, then you’re probably going to want to look at doing your own thing. We’re all for individuality and a unique look, but there are some things that you simply shouldn’t do. To help you avoid these, we produced this list of some of the worst trends you should never consider.

All White Now

We know what you’re thinking.

White is perfect if you live in a small home and want to make it look more spacious, it is also great for creating a minimalistic look, which is always a winning interior design trend.

White is also perfect if you’re not actually planning to be in your house much of the time, in which case we’d ask why you’re thinking of decorating at all. Whether it is food, coffee, alcoholic beverages, pets, children, or anything else; white is simply not practical. If we’re being honest, it doesn’t look that good, either.

Walk In Wardrobes

These things used to be seen as a sign of affluence and luxury. Today, they are, at best, a sign of someone perhaps a little pretentious who has an unhealthy inability to identify clothes that are worn out or no longer suitable.

You have many options that mean you won’t need a walk in wardrobe; a bag or box marked ‘charity shop’ is often a good place to start!

Gender Specific Rooms

Seriously, why would you ever want to decorate your bedroom with a “Pink Bling Princess” look? This is pushing the boundaries of taste for children, let alone when you see adults that have completely over the top rooms.

Men are just as guilty of this, too, especially when it comes to having things such as posters of cars – or even scantily clad women – all of the walls, even when they live with a partner!

Bathroom Carpets

We aren’t even sure when this was first seen as a good idea, but we’re guessing it was around the time that carpet was seen as a sign of wealth, so everyone started putting it down in every room.

While we could make a case for carpet in several rooms, there is no doubt that the bathroom is the main offender, and should be avoided at all costs.

Do It Yourself Décor

Let’s be clear on this; having things in your house that you’ve made yourself is fine, as long as they’re of a decent quality. If you’ve been watching interior design programs and have the itch to make something yourself, make sure they are as good as they are on TV. If they don’t, your home will look horrible!

Make sure you’re careful to avoid these big interior design no-go areas, and make your custom designed home one to be proud of.

About the Author

When Karl moved into his new flat, one of the smaller rooms had been turned into walk in wardrobe. Seeing this, Karl immediately ordered a new wardrobe with sliding wardrobe doors for his bedroom, and set about putting the wasted room to more productive use.

photo by: jinkazamah

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