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by Editor on May 24, 2013

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When it comes to keeping your home, personal space or office looking fresh, cutting edge and trendy, there isn’t normally the association with the concept being budget friendly. But there are ways to make effective interior design changes that will make your home space look fabulous while being spend thrift and penny wise. With just a few savvy interior design moves, you will be able to transform your space into the latest, freshest designer looks. Here are some tips to help you get there.


Never underestimate the sheer power of a lick of fresh paint. You have the ability to immediately change the mood and the ambience of a room, making it look bigger, smaller, warmer, cooler or just brand spanking new with a few coats of some well-chosen paint. Keep bedrooms neutral – especially teenagers rooms; a soft and quietly sophisticated cashmere will provide the everlasting back drop for an ever changing colour scheme for years to come. Choose quiet camel or creamy mushroom or splash a hint of caramel onto the walls for a fresh yet not overbearing backdrop for any room.


Using light is another powerful interior design tool that can immediately open up and transform a room, making it look double its size, as well as making it feel calm and classy at the same time. Use every option of natural light a room has – white wooden blinds on windows or soft swaying café curtains in white will let the light in, while still providing nuances of privacy at the same time.

Incorporate artificial light into a dark room; standing lamps or discreet half-moon lamps will create a charming ambience once the effect of the natural light is lost at sundown. Don’t forget to use energy saving bulbs to ease the burden of electricity costs and keep the environment happy at the same time.


Accessories can be the difference between a beautifully appointed room and the cluttered second hand book shop look. Take stock of all of your household accessories, baubles and other bits and pieces that you seem to have accumulated over the years and ask yourself if you are starting to feel like you may live in a bit of a flea market. Pick a theme or a colour and pack away the items that do not match and rotate them along with your colour selection and theme as you go along.

Your look will always feel fresh and your house guests will always think you have put out something new, when it has just been forgotten for a few months in the back of the accessory cupboard. Resist the urge to add to an overflowing collection if you are one of those people that loves buying trinkets, and ask yourself the question – “where would I put this?” before you rush out and buy it to take home.

Clean and Tidy

You can have the most beautiful, professionally-interior-designed space, but if your housekeeping skills are not keeping their eye on the ball, it will all be a complete waste. Make sure that you keep clutter to a minimum and pack away items after you have used them. That sewing kit that stares at you next to the fire place week after week may stop screaming at you to be put away after a month, but to your guests, it’s an eye sore. It is always acceptable to have something that is old, but should never be acceptable to be broken or dirty.

So there you have it, with just a clever bit of planning, you can make your space brand new again, without rushing out to the store and bashing the budget on a whole bunch of new things that will only lead to more clutter and less space. Keeping things fresh is just as much as keeping things organised, neat and tidy and completely clutter free.

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