Interior Decoration: First Step Towards A Perfect Home

by Editor on June 13, 2013

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The décor at home gives a clear insight regarding the taste of the owner. Homes can be decorated in umpteen ways but in order to strike the perfect chord, we need to know the accurate notes and octaves. If the job of an interior decorator is to be explained in a nutshell, then it is principally transforming the imagination of an ideal home into actuality. From the walls to the windows, doors, bathrooms, flooring and tiles to the balconies, furniture, etc all come under interior decoration.

The profession of interior decoration is nowadays multifaceted as the person decorating the home needs to have a creative mindset which can garner artistic stimulation. Before moving ahead with the decoration of interiors, there are certain aspects which we need to pay heed to. Mentioned below is an assortment of aforementioned aspects.

Chief aspect of Interior Decoration

One of the chief facets of interior decoration happens to be “BALANCE”. When you are planning to decorate the interiors of your home, you must always maintain a balance of the total cover-up area in order to accommodate furniture or other such items. The whole orientation of the furniture should not be done in a haphazard manner.

For instance, let us move over to a room which we are planning to decorate. The first step should be to segregate the room into two symmetrical halves. Both of the halves should reflect veneer of equality. Another way of achieving apposite balance is to follow the radial balance rule as per which, the centre of the room should be defined. Once the centre has been designed, the considered objects are to be arranged around that point.

Importance of Focus in interior decoration

Those who are well-versed with interior design follow the “FOCUS” rule as per which, a designated object present inside the room is earmarked as the focal point inside the room amidst the other objects which are present in the vicinity. Let us consider the living room. A painting has to be hung on one of the walls of the living room which makes the painting as the focal point. As per the position of this painting, the other objects inside the room have to be placed accordingly in a symmetrical manner. Other focal points can be television (living room), flower vase (kitchen), etc.

Position of Windows and Siding

Once the rooms have been designed properly, the focus automatically shifts towards the doors, windows as well as the siding. The design of the doors as well as the windows should always be done in sync with the décor of the room. Also, the position is chiefly imperative as the placement of the doors as well as the windows should be at such a point where they get prominence and compliment the room properly. Furthermore, the colours schemes should always be kept in mind while designing windows and siding.

Thus, the key aspects of interior decoration are focus, proportion and balance. These facets are immensely imperative in order to give actuality to the interiors which you had imagined for your home.

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