Indoor Hot Tub Vs. Outdoor Hot Tub – Which One Better Suits Your Home

by Editor on May 9, 2013

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Hot tubs are wonderful additions to a home. They add a bit of luxury and bring the spa to you. When it comes to adding a hot tub to your home it is all about location. It is a large investment so it is important to decide on an indoor or outdoor hot tub and you want to select the right location for it. Luckily choosing the one that suits your home is easy as long as you know the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

Advantages of Indoor Hot Tubs

First let’s start with the indoor hot tubs. Having a hot tub indoors is amazing. Purely the thought of being able to step into the steaming tub of water on a cold winter day sounds spectacular. These hot tubs are best suited for homes with an extra room available or a home spacious enough to accommodate it. The best thing about indoor hot tubs is the fact that you do not have to go out in the cold to access it. Another advantage is the privacy. Unfortunately outdoor hot tubs lack the privacy that many people want. For those who live in neighborhoods in which your neighbors are too close for comfort, the indoor hot tub is a great choice. Lastly indoor hot tubs are not only a great amenity but the radiating heat will help to warm the room that it is placed in as well as the surrounding rooms.

Indoor Hot Tub Disadvantages

Although indoor hot tubs have many pros, there are also a few cons. Having a hot tub installed indoors is the pricier option. This is due to commonly needing additional ventilation in the room in which it is being installed as well as finding a room in which the hot tub will fit. Many homeowners who want a hot tub installed indoors have to build an addition to their home to accommodate a hot tub.

Outdoor Hot Tub Advantages

An outdoor hot tub is an amazing addition to a home as well. In order for installation to occur the only change your home will undergo will be digging a hole large enough to accommodate the hot tub. This of course results in a considerably lower cost than that of an indoor hot tub. Along with the lack of home alterations and considerable lower cost, outdoor hot tubs allow you to spend time outdoors in any weather while enjoying the warmth provided by a hot tub.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Hot Tubs

One major disadvantage of having an outdoor hot tub is the maintenance. Since they are outside it needs to be cleared of leaves and other outdoor debris regularly. You may need to invest in multiple spa covers over the years to help keep it clean. Weather also plays a negative factor when it comes to outdoor hot tubs since harsh weather can reduce the time that you can use your hot tub. Lastly, privacy may be an issue with an outdoor hot tub. Since it is located outdoors, you can be viewed by neighbors and others nearby.

Overall, when it comes to selecting a hot tub, it is all about determining which one better suits your home. Both indoor and outdoor hot tubs have their advantages and disadvantages so it is best to use your budget and home layout as deciding factors.

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