How to Create the Most Incredible Landscape Garden

by Admin on March 11, 2014

The sun is shining today, and many people are out and about enjoying it. Many people will find their minds turning to projects in and around the home that need to be undertaken. Perhaps there has already been a new bathroom installed, and  the kitchen may be still looking good; so it could be time to start looking at the garden. A garden renovation is arguably the most exciting and fun project to undertake during the summer.

medow-landscapeIf you are lucky enough to be the owner of a large plot of land that is underused, now is the time to begin the process of creating a landscape masterpiece. There are a few simple rules to follow when creating a classic English landscape garden. Here, you will find some useful hints and tips to help you achieve your goal.

Creating the landscape will necessitate the use of many varied garden and industrial supplies. Adequate planning will give you a list of requirements for your project.

The land

It is time to think in three dimensions when laying the land. A flat garden needs to have rolling hills created if possible, to make the plot look more in tune with nature. This will obviously require the use of earth moving machinery. Small diggers can be hired for small jobs, but if you have a massive garden it is time to call in some professionals. Lorry loads of topsoil may have to be brought in to meet your design. Consider creating good access for lorries by removing fencing or trimming back bushes along the driveway. The land will need to be grassed. Using seed to create your lawns will be a lot cheaper than turf for a large project.


A lake is an essential feature of a classic garden. Though, for many there will only be room for a large pond. The excavated material from digging the lake could be used for landscaping. It is impractical, a lot of the time, to line a lake with waterproof sheeting due to its size. Often, a lorry load of clay will be needed to line the hole with a two inch thick layer, and make it watertight.

Creating a waterfall can easily be done with the use of large boulders and industrial strength water pumping and filtration equipment.


Every garden needs at least one focal point. Place a statue overlooking the lake, or maybe you would choose to have a bespoke structure made from metal created on site. The materials, supplies, and tools will all have to be added to the procurement list.


Gardens need to be designed with an eye on the future. It could be a hundred years before any trees you plant will mature enough dominate the skyline. Mature trees can be purchased from specialist companies, however, and a survey by a specialist will tell you what trees are best suited to your needs. Using mature trees could make your garden look as if it was established 20 years ago.


Have fun creating your own folly from natural stone. Many of the best gardens have useless buildings as a feature. Maybe yours could be used as a summer house. Whatever yours is used for, make it as whacky as you like so it will be a talking point.

As you can see, owning your own, grand garden is achievable as long as you have a healthy budget with which to work. The scale of the project is obviously determined by the size of the land. Small plots can still be landscaped to a high standard so let your imagination run wild and who knows; you may be talked about by generations yet to be born. Think big!

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