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by Editor on May 28, 2013

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You’ve seen the potential in buying a property and upgrading it or you just want to move to a new house but you want to get the most out of the sale. With these tips you’ll be able to increase the value of your property with only a few essential changes.


People spend 60% of their time in the kitchen, in the morning, afternoon and evening. There’s nothing as appealing as a big kitchen with many cupboards. If possible increase the size of your kitchen area or if you don’t have the budget you should at least put in new cupboards as well as new appliances (if you’re selling your washer and other things with the house).

Counters are also a big equation in the value of a house. Upgrade your counters to something modern as you’ll most likely have something that was installed when the house was built (which could be a few years ago).

Living Room

Living rooms need a lot of light so your best move would be to install new windows. Bigger window or more windows will allow a lot of natural light to stream into the room. More light makes the room look bigger and it saves on the bills (no extra lights need to be switched on).


Carpet floors are a thing in the past (depending on the room of course). Wooden floors increase your property’s value exponentially so see if there is a wooden floor hiding under your carpeted room. Just clean out the carpeting and give the floor a sanding and a layer of varnish for protection. Some people even paint their floors a transparent white.


The garden is the first thing people will see when they walk in. You don’t have to plant a whole new garden but what you can at least do to raise your property’s value is to trim the trees, cut the grass (or throw down new grass) and fix the path to your house. You’ll be surprised at the difference these small fixes make.


Many people need storage space, especially when they want to start a family. If you can supply your garage with a workbench or a storage unit you’ll have significantly increased the sale potential of your home.


Add a new showerhead to your shower (the ones with different stream settings) and replace old cabinets with modern ones.

Once you’ve finished all of the changes to your home you’ll most likely don’t want to move out of your new home.

About the Author

Ruan, a real estate agent in Johannesburg, enjoys educating people on the small inexpensive changes they can make to their house in order to increase the value of their property.

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