Incorporating Elements To Improve Your Lobby

by Editor on May 3, 2013

Lobby of Lǔ Xùn Bówùguǎn (鲁迅博物馆)

As an employee in an office environment, it is important to take note of the environment around you. Is each cubicle and office organized and tidy? Does the space seem bright and welcoming? Is your lobby inviting and clean? Patients, fellow coworkers, vendors and potential new customers will sometimes walk through your doors at a moment’s notice, so it is vital that the aesthetics of your workplace match the brand’s mission and philosophies.

No one ever wants to walk into a potential new employer’s or service provider’s office and find a dingy lobby with trash strewn everywhere. If your office needs a little love, here are a few ways to give your space a quick and easy makeover.

  1. You may have forgotten, but the lobby makes for the first impression for anyone walking through the doors. This space helps to shape the rest of the office. Find some comfortable chairs to spruce up the lobby, incorporate real trees and flowers to bring outside elements into the space and create a cubby or drawer for everything that is out in the open. If you have a front desk staff, make sure they have sufficient ways to organize mail, invoices, and various pieces of paper and materials that come through everyday. Light a candle that isn’t too strong or smelly to help create a warm environment. Make the lobby a number one priority and envision how you would want to experience a company for the first time.
  2. If your employees have their own cubicles or share office space, make sure they have enough equipment to keep their belongings and the office’s devices in a proper space. Look for organizational tools to keep their papers in the right place. Search for desks with storage space so they don’t have to throw things on the floor. Find a workstation that can accommodate all of their devices.
  3. If your office has a communal supply area or room, you will want to keep everything completely organized. From creating labels to mark each item, to keeping all of the supplies near eye-level, to color coordinating different forms and folders, figure out a way to keep supplies from getting jumbled around. Look for simple ways to categorize items and ask that your fellow employees keep each cupboard and storage area tidy.

Presenting an appealing and clean workspace will definitely help the productivity level of your employees, too. If your team knows where they can find each supply, they will spend less time getting their workspace organized and more time on their actual responsibilities. From finding chairs to give a homey feel to the lobby, to using a label maker in the supply room, these are simple ways to create tidiness and comfort.

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