Improve Your Home Resale Value With A Granite Counter Top Upgrade

by Editor on May 8, 2013

Granite Firedot Lichen

Adding a granite counter top can really add to the value of your house. When people come around looking for the finished article, having lovely work surfaces in your kitchen and great fire places will make them much more attracted to the house as they will feel that they have to do much less to it once they buy it. They might then be willing to pay a higher premium for your ‘perfect house’.

Why Go Granite

Granite is a fantastic material for counter tops of any kind. It is very hard to wear out, and I know from personal experience that it is child proof. You can drop virtually anything on it and, to great relief, you will see that there isn’t even the slightest chip. Another bonus is that they don’t scratch, as kitchen work surfaces you need to be able to slide your chopping board over them without leaving a mark. With granite you have all that and more. Water resistance is another reason to go granite, as they don’t soak up moisture like other surfaces such as wood; they won’t expand or flex which can damage walls and crack the surface of the worktop. On that note, they are also heat resistant, no hot pan will mark this and that’s another thing that makes it great for fire places. As well as all of its hard wearing features, granite is absolutely stunning to look at. It gives an up-market finish to any living room or kitchen and can be cut to any size to fit your needs. Another big bonus is that it is available in a myriad of colors, find that hard to believe, check out any granite shop that features their colors online Granite Countertop Toronto with over 500 colors.

Getting The Most From Your Granite Tops

Whilst Granite tops are fabulous in the look and durability departments they are also quite low maintenance. The only thing you really need to worry about is polishing them to keep that classy sheen. This can be done quite quickly and there are many products out there to help you. Another bonus is that they can resurfaced if by some unfortunate coincidence you do damage them. This will need to be done by a professional. In terms of choosing the right granite top, you really need to know the color palette of the rest of the room it’s going in. Black tends to be a safe choice as it goes with virtually everything but sometimes you want to go for something a bit snazzier and will have to do some research.

Where To Get Your Tops

Many places will give you a cheap granite top for your kitchen or counter top but what you really want is quality. To get that you want someone who will create tops that are customized to your preferences. The best place for this is Countertops Toronto, they provide high quality granite custom cut for your needs, and, you know what? It’s really cheap. It will cost you just $39 per square foot; you won’t find a much better deal than that for this quality. They specialize in kitchen work surfaces, vanity units and fire places. They will also cater for businesses. You can get a free quote on the website so go there now to upgrade your work surfaces and add value to your home.

Final Word

If your home doesn’t already it needs granite in it, you know why? It will make people want to pay more for your home as it has a flourish the competition may not have. This simple improvement could be the final detail needed to sell your house for more. Even if you’re not selling it’s still a good idea as they are long lasting and beautiful.

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