Ideas To Make That Extra Room Special

by Staff Editor on April 28, 2013

After careful thought and planning, you have decided on the size of your dream home. With extensive research, you have zeroed your sights on one gorgeous house that you are going to buy. However, you discover that it has one more room than you had not originally planned for. Do you walk away from your dream home, or do you find a creative way to convert the extra room into a unique space? Here a four great ideas for turning the extra space into useable space.


Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to leave your work at the office. For times like those, having a comfortable and organized space to work is essential. Converting the extra room in your home into a office provides you with a quiet place to be productive. When designing this space, start with the desk. The desk will serve as the centerpiece for the entire room. From there, you can consider bookcases, shelving units and other accent furniture to fill up your space. Remember that functionality is the ultimate goal for any home office, look for pieces of furniture, as well as accessories, that will help you achieve this goal.

Spare Bedroom

Consider converting the extra room in your home into a spare bedroom. This is a practical idea that will definitely come in handy. If you don’t have the money to purchase brand new furniture, that’s okay. Your local thrift store or consignment shop might be a great place to start. Remember, when purchasing furniture it’s not always necessary to purchase a set. As long as the pieces are complementary of one another, the room will look great. When designing your spare room, try to stick with colors that are neutral and inviting. This way any guest, regardless of personality or age, will feel comfortable in the space.

Fitness Room

There aren’t many people who couldn’t benefit from a little more exercise in their life. With work and other commitments, finding time to go to the gym can be difficult. Converting the extra room in your home into a fitness room, is an easy way to bring the gym to you. You don’t have to start off big, either. Think about your favorite piece of equipment you most often use at the gym and go from there. Little by little you can add to the room, until it is complete. Consider adding a TV or stereo in the room to keep yourself entertained. Line the wall with motivational pictures of your favorite athletes, or anything else that will motivate you to burn those calories.

Media Room

Media rooms are becoming a popular choice for homeowners who don’t have the funds for a larger, more elaborate home theater. If you’re a person who likes to keep up with the latest technology and enjoys a good movie, this might be a perfect solution for the extra room in your house. Converting this space is easy, all you need is a stereo with a great surround sound system, a large flat-screen TV and a comfortable place to sit. After you’ve covered the basics of the room, be adventurous and decorate the space to fit your personal style. From rustic curtains to leather sofas – the possibilities are endless.

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