How To Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

by Editor on July 4, 2013


It doesn’t matter how much you loved your bathroom when you first moved into your house give it a few years and things will start looking dated and you’ll be hankering after a new bathroom suite.

However, completely remodelling your bathroom can prove costly and if you haven’t got as big a budget as you’d like it’s time to come up with a Plan B. This is where this article comes in. Getting the new look bathroom that you crave doesn’t have to cost the earth; there are plenty of ways to get a brilliant bathroom on a budget.

Here are a few of our favourite budget bathroom tips and tricks:

Trooping the colour

You might be surprised at how much difference a lick of paint makes to a room, so if you’re on a tight budget get thinking about the colours you’d like to see most. The bathroom is probably the first room that most of us walk into in the morning, making the choice of colour important to our mood for the rest of the day.

If you need waking up in the mornings then try going for brighter colours. Or if you find you’d prefer to be relaxed in the morning choose calm colours such as blues, greens, and beiges.

Keeping it classic

If you’ve got some classic features in your bathroom, such as a claw foot bath, that are started to look outdated consider restoring them rather than removing them. Updating doesn’t always mean buying something new, so if you love your bathroom features but they’re looking a bit old get online and hunt for restoration tips before you start ripping out your bathroom suite.

Do it in stages

Sometimes the best things come to those who wait, and having a new bathroom is definitely worth your patience. Doing jobs one by one might take longer but it will make your budget go further.

Prioritising the things that are broken or malfunctioning will make your life easier and then cosmetic details can wait until you’ve got more money to spend.

Change your taps, showerheads and cabinet handles

Showerheads and taps are easy to change and could make all the difference to the way your bathroom looks. Spend a few hours in your local hardware shop looking for taps and showerheads that suit the type of bathroom you’re trying to create.

Cabinet handles and knobs are also easy and inexpensive to change or replace. Swapping the standard handles for something more personal will really make your bathroom stand out.


Never underestimate the power of accessories in your bathroom. Hooks, toilet roll holders, shower curtains, and drying rails all make a big difference to the overall feel of your bathroom.

Soap dishes, toothpaste glasses, mirrors, and towels are also great ways to give your bathroom a new look for next to nothing. Shop around for unique pieces and don’t be afraid to mix and match for a really personal touch.

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Rob Rudd has bought and decorated several houses and homes. He enjoys sharing the tips and tricks he has learnt over the years.

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