How To Turn An Unused Room Into The Perfect Man Cave

by Editor on June 6, 2013


Almost every male would like to have a man cave in their home. What is a man cave? Man caves tend to differ depending on the individual, but their goal is the same: to offer a man a relaxing sanctuary where he can indulge in his hobbies or passions. Man caves can be built in any number of areas. An extra bedroom that’s not being used can be turned into a man cave. Other popular spots for man caves include basements and garages. If you need a few ideas for creating your man cave, then check out the following elements that make up the perfect man cave.

Big Screen TV
A big screen TV is practically a must. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to call a man cave a man cave without one. The TV should be tailored for sporting events, meaning it should be big and in high definition. In addition to a large TV, you’ll want to have plenty of comfortable seating surrounding the TV for friends to drop by. A surround sound system is a must as well in order to complete the home entertainment setup. Outfit the setup with a video game system, so that you and your buds can get a game of Madden in during halftime!

Personal Bar
There’s nothing like relaxing in the man cave with a drink, so why not build a small bar? House all of your favorite spirits here and make sure there’s room for glasses as well. A small fridge to hold beer, an icemaker for your mixed drinks and a small bar sink will complete the setup. Having all of these features in your bar will make it easier to make what you want and to clean up without having to run back and forth to the kitchen.

Pool Table
pool table is a great feature both to use with friends as well as by yourself. There’s nothing like a friendly pool game to fill up a little free time, after all. If you’re by yourself and you find that you’re stressed out or are having trouble focusing on the job at hand, then hitting a few balls around on the pool table is a great way to take a mental break.

Shelves and Display Cases
You’re going to want to decorate the room with your most cherished possessions and awards, whether it’s your old little league trophies or your comic book collection. The best way to display these items is by installing shelves or display cases around the room.

One of the most important features of your man cave should be the lighting. The lighting will help to tie the room’s design together and to make it work. Use dimmers on your overhead lights to help create whatever atmosphere you want. Use task lighting over your bar area as well as the pool table for functional light. Use accent lighting to showcase your collectibles in your display case or on your shelves. Accent lighting is a great way to light up any artwork or posters you’ve hung on the wall as well.

These are just a few elements that you can introduce into unused rooms such as basements and garages to turn them into the perfect man cave.

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