How to Secure Your Home for Peace of Mind During Your Vacation

by Editor on July 16, 2013


If you’re headed on vacation, there are very few ways to actually protect your home while you’re gone. If you’re going away for a while, your home could easily become a target for burglaries.

Not sure if you should protect your home? The FBI reports that in 2011, the US experienced over 2 million burglaries, where nearly 75 percent of those burglaries were on residential properties. If that isn’t enough, the same report states that the average victim’s losses total over $2,000. Can you afford to become one of the 2 million victims? If not, then check out these tips for securing your home while heading on vacation.

Install a Security Alarm

It seems like a simple solution, but not many people actually have home security systems. If you’ve contemplated getting a home security system, now is the time to do it. According to Security Systems Reviews, homes with security systems are three times less likely to encounter a burglary. Plus, there are plenty of affordable systems out there that will allow you to monitor your home while away. To help you find the perfect home security system, it’s worth checking out

Shut the Blinds

Again, this is a simple security technique that could save your home. If you shut your blinds, no one can tell if you’re home or not, but if your curtains are open, your home could become an easy target if no one is around. This also helps prevent burglaries because thieves can’t see what’s inside, making it less tempting to enter your home.

Remember Your Windows

When you leave your home, you likely always remember to lock the door, especially if you’re headed away for a while. However, many people forget to secure their windows as well. Make sure that you don’t leave any windows open, and be sure to lock them. This makes it more difficult for a burglar to sneak into your home while you’re away.

Secure Your Valuables

Even if someone did break into your house after you take these precautions, you’ll be able to relax more and enjoy your vacation if you know that no one can find your valuables. Lock your jewelry, money, important documents, and other valuable in a safe, or tuck them somewhere where a burglar couldn’t find them.

Ask a Friend to Check Up on Your Home

If you really want to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind, ask a friend to check up on your house a few times while you’re away. Not only will they be able to check for problems, but it will appear as if someone is still around, making it a less-likely target for a burglary.

Use Lights

If someone were to target your home while you’re gone, the simple use of lights may stop them. Keep a light or two on in the house so it looks like someone’s home, and install motion detected lights around your yard, such as on the garage or by the back door.

All these ideas are simple, but many people simply don’t take precautionary measures. By using these techniques, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.


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