How To Reclaim Your Space

by Editor on July 9, 2013

We’ve all known that feeling of being overrun in our own homes. Not enough shelves, too few closets, storage spaces bursting with a lifetime’s-worth of things. Clothes, shoes, books, boxes, photo albums;not to mention winter coats, skis, fishing poles, cruise wear, and the other seasonal items that only see the light of day a few months out of the year. It’s easy to feel swamped by what we own.

A small apartment couldn’t possibly contain the all those things–right?. Well, they usually do. There’s always a way to manage with limited space, but creativity will only get you so far. So what do you do?

Savvy organizers opt for self storage. Paring down the inessentials in your home can make it livable again, and there are a variety of options for making that a reality.

Here are the top five things to keep in mind as you organize and give self storage a go:

  1. Convenience: By and large the biggest draw for self storage. Keep your things at hand when you need them, out of sight when you don’t. Free up your own living space without tossing the important stuff: hand-me-downs, mementos, keepsakes, heirlooms, and so forth. You don’t want to sacrifice livability for the sake of hanging onto memories, but you also don’t want to ditch those important valuables in the process.
  2. Security: Your belongings are important to you, and the safety of your possessions is paramount. Only choose a self storage service that can guarantee your things won’t be walking off without your say-so. Make sure the provider you choose has the latest in surveillance and whose locks are up to the challenge. Cameras and secure locks are a necessity when dealing with your irreplaceables.
  3. Environment: Going hand-in-hand with security, it’s not very reassuring when your storage provider doesn’t go out of its way to make you feel safe yourself. Don’t take a sketchy route. Choose a service that’s clean, inviting and well lit, and has trained and cordial representatives who can assist you with any needs. A pleasant atmosphere goes a long way toward providing you a strong sense of piece-of-mind.
  4. Storage Options: Are you stashing knick-knacks or furniture? Excess business inventory or just a few boxes? Pick the right size and space for your needs. Self storage comes in a variety of options, from small closets to full 300-plus square-foot rooms. Clear out unneeded end tables, antiques, bedroom decor and the other things that are making your living space a mess.
  5. Accessibility: When will you have access to your things? Flexible operating hours are a must. Don’t lock yourself out of your own belongings by choosing a service that doesn’t work with your schedule. A good self storage provider will also simplify the hectic process of moving your possessions with things such as moving carts, delivery trucks, wide-door elevators, etc.

Big-city urbanites know that space is at a premium, but there are certainly options when it comes to self storage that can simplify and organize your living space. For example, Westy, a storage company that works to meet the needs of their clients, has 24/7 security systems so as to ensure continue safety of your valuables while in their possession.

Above all else, find a suitable option that works for your needs. The ultimate goal is to save space without creating a new source of stress. And lack of stress is a concept we can all relate to.

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