How To Protect Your Home From Bad Weather

by Editor on June 10, 2013

Stokholm in bad weather

Our homes are one of the most important things we have! It’s where we live, make memories, and share our lives with our friends and family. It’s not just a building that we live in, it’s where people grow together as a family. The home is the center piece of where that family grows. It’s becomes more than just a building with four walls, it starts to have a special sentimental value that can’t just be replaced. So it’s important to protect our home and our memories from anything that could harm or destroy it. It’s a terrible tragedy what happened in Oklahoma recently with the tornado in Moore. The homes that we’re destroyed, the memories that were lost, and of course, the most tragic of all, the loss of lives (To donate to Red Cross click here). So it’s always very important to make sure that your home is prepared and protected for storms. Everyone should check on their homes to make sure its protected, which ultimately means your family is protected.

Check your home regularly. Walk around your home and garden and find places that might be weak point for storms. Is your home susceptible to high winds? Is there places in your yard where water collects? Does water drain towards or away from your house? What you prepare for today can save you tomorrow. And consult some professionals if need be, or if you feel unsure about a certain aspect of your home.

Have an security system installed. There’s not only useful for protecting your home against theft, but for bad weather as well. There are a lot of good alarm alarm monitoring companies out there. Smith Security, is a company I found that offers weather alerts and update. They have an app that will send push notifications straight to your iPhone to warn you of incoming storms and give you the time to prepare for them. This security system also offers many other advantages. Such as linking with your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If they go off they will send a push notification to your iPhone and if you don’t respond the authorities will be notified. It also allows you to arm you home security system from the app. So if you were away and got a notification that a storm was coming in, you could make sure your security system was armed straight from the app.

Make sure your shutters are secured. This can be a great advantage to high winds. Especially if you live near the ocean, it’s best to have impact resistant shutters installed on your windows and possibly even your doors. Any possible weak point of your home should be covered and secured, including, if not especially, your roof. Make sure all your shingles are secure and ready to take on a storm or hail.

We tend to overlook our home because it’s so big, but there are vulnerabilities we need to keep in mind. It’s important to be prepared to protect our homes. Anything we prepare for today will protect us tomorrow.

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