How To Prepare Your AC For The Summer Heat

by Editor on May 9, 2013

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With the hot summer months is rapidly approaching, now is the time to make sure your home’s air conditioning system is ready to handle the heat. Investing in preventive maintenance now will help your air conditioning unit operate reliably and more efficiently all summer long. The following are several steps you can take to prepare your AC for the summer heat.

Replace the Air Filter

This simple step is often overlooked during the warmer months. A clean air filter is vital to keep your air conditioner running properly during the summer. An old, worn-out or unclean filter restricts air flow through the cooling system causing your air conditioner to work harder to keep your home cool. This can ultimately result in higher energy bills and it can leave your HVAC system overworked. An overworked HVAC system is more apt to malfunction. So, to avoid costly repairs to your HVAC system, be sure to change the air filter several times a year.

Remove Obstructions Near the Air Conditioner Unit

Air conditioning units require plenty of space in order to operate efficiently. Since many Many HVAC systems are located outside of the home it is important to regularly check to ensure there is no obstruction is too close to the unit. Be sure to clear at least a three foot area around the AC unit. Remove any plants, shrubs, trees or debris that may have collected around the unit.

Check the Drain Line

Air conditioners help keep the air cool by removing humidity. During the warmer months, humid air can feel hotter than dry air. The AC unit removes humidity from the air and sends moisture out of the home through a drain line. Clogged drain lines can lead to a major problems. If your air filter is either missing, worn-out or unclean, it can allow dirt and debris to collect in the drain line. Once the drain line is clogged, moisture cannot be removed from the home and the AC unit is less effective. To makes matters worse, the moisture will then backup and water will collect in the drain pan. Eventually, this can lead to serious water damage to your home. Be sure to check your drain line regularly to avoid costly repairs to your home.

Consider a Professional A/C Check-Up

Hire a professional contractor to inspect your HVAC unit on a regular basis. This is perhaps the best way to prevent issues and keep your system operating at optimal performance levels. Having your system inspected yearly before the warmer months approach is a great way to catch problem areas earlier and to avoid costly repairs later. A well-trained contractor should be able to identify and solve all of the above mentioned issues as well as address any other potential issues your HVAC system may encounter. A HVAC contractor will seal any air leaks which can reduce efficiency, make sure the refrigerant is at proper levels and ensure all mechanical and electrical components are in good shape. Professional inspection and maintenance will save energy and prevent costly repair bills. Just as changing the oil in your car on a regular basis prevents keeps it in good condition, scheduling routine maintenance on your HVAC unit will keep it working efficiently for years to come.

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Peter Wendt is a blogger living in Fort Worth, Texas. To prepare for the blazingly hot Texas summers, Wendt has always relied on PoeAir, a reliable Fort Worth HVAC contractor.

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