How To Move A Piano

by Staff Editor on April 26, 2013


To give your home a fresh, new look, you may have to move things around, including your prized piano. However, it requires a great deal of skills and strength to move heavy stuff from one place to another. That is why, you need to be extra careful in doing so especially if you have many stairs to carry the piano on or if the distance is long. Another important thing you must do is to contact a moving truck company. I suggest you don’t in any way try to fit your piano in your car. You need a moving truck to secure the piano safely.  With that being said, lets get to the steps of safely moving a piano.

First, rent or purchase three important things to safely move the piano: heavy-duty straps, a furniture dolly, and padding or blankets.  The straps will help provide a tight grip on the piano. The furniture dolly will support the weight of the piano. The straps can also be used to secure the piano to the dolly.  The padding or blankets will help protect the piano from bumps. It will also prevent cracks and scrapes on the walls.

Another very important thing to protect on the piano is the keyboard. The first thing you must do is securely close and lock the keyboard lid. This will prevent it from opening while you move it. It’s crucial that you make sure to lock the keyboard so that it doesn’t get completely damaged. Next, use the padding or blanket you purchased or rented, and wrap the piano securely and don’t forget the corners. Then, you need to secure the corners with packing tape. Make sure you don’t allow the tape to come in contact with the pianos surface or it will get damaged.

Next, lift the piano. As I said earlier, I recommend you have yourself and three other people helping you carry and lift the piano. Remember to keep the piano in an upright position. Do not lift the piano from the legs. Be very careful and with one person holding one end of the strap, lift the piano onto the furniture dolly. Make sure the piano legs are secure on the furniture dolly. Your moving truck should be waiting for you outside. Carefully put the piano at the back of the moving truck. Making sure it’s placed next to the back wall.

Which is  the wall that separates the trucks interior cab from the space in back. I recommend using wood planks to ensure a level flooring for the piano and make sure to lay them along the back wall. Then lift the piano from the dolly onto the planks. Using the moving straps, secure the piano to the truck wall. I recommend you carefully checking the piano to make sure it won’t move or roll around while the truck is moving.

The last and one of the most important steps is moving the piano into your new location. Before you actually move the piano in, take time to think of where you want to put it. You need to make sure you have enough space in the area you would like to place it in and to know have there be anything that could get damaged or damage the piano itself. Follow the same steps above to move the piano into your new home. If you in any way don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself you can always contact professionals to help you.

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