How To Make A Small Bathroom Appear Larger

by Editor on May 8, 2013


Does you bathroom feel tight and cramped when you walk around? If so, you should consider doing some redecorating with the primary focus of making it appear larger than what it actually is. While there’s no way to increase the physical space in your bathroom without doing some heavy renovations, there are some decorating tricks out there designed to open up small areas. Keep reading and we’ll reveal some simple and effective methods for making a small bathroom appear larger.

Warm Colors

The absolute worst color you can paint an already small bathroom is black. Dark colors such as black, navy blue and deep brown will have the effect of pulling the walls in on themselves; therefore, making the room feel smaller than what it actually is. The bottom line is that you need to dark color palettes and stick with some of the brighter, warmer colors instead.

If your bathroom walls are currently painted black or some other dark color, you should consider painting them a different color. Let’s face it, no one enjoys the long, tedious process of painting, but it’s necessary to create a more welcoming environment.  When choosing a color to use, consider the furnishings and decorative accessories that are already being used in your bathroom. Light green, sky blue, yellow and even lighter shades of red are all excellent choices to use on the bathroom walls.

Remove The Clutter

Allowing your bathroom to become cluttered will have a negative impact on the atmosphere by making it appear smaller. For this reason, it’s recommended that you take a few minutes to go through your bathroom and remove any unnecessary or unused items that are simply taking up space. Things like large potted plants and flowers can be tossed out and replaced with smaller decorations. Also, be sure to remove dirty clothes from the bathroom. Tossing them in the floor when you get ready to take a shower or bath will only make the clutter worse. A basic hamper basket placed outside the bathroom is all it takes to help keep the floor free of dirty clothes.

While you are going through your bathroom and removing the clutter, make sure all of the towels are hung properly up and unused towels are stored underneath the sink. Some people try to cut corners by tossing their towels in the corner of the bathroom until they get ready to use them. However, doing this has the same effect of cluttering your bathroom with dirty clothes, so try to get into the habit of properly storing them.

The Mirror Effect

Want to know another secret to making your bathroom appear larger? Hang a medium to large sized mirror somewhere on the wall. The natural reflection it creates will double as an optical illusion that creates the sense of a larger room. Besides, most people could benefit from the use of another mirror in the bathroom.

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