How To Maintain Your Glass Shower Doors

by Editor on May 27, 2013

Shower complete!

Having glass shower doors requires maintenance. For some people it can be more work than for others.

It all depends on how often you care for it, and most importantly, how you care for it. If you frequently maintain your shower glass doors, it can result in a worry free task.

However, letting mildew build up can slowly start to damage the glass and make cleaning it much more difficult. In fact, in some cases where the doors aren’t properly and frequently maintained, the doors may never look like new.

With all the money spent on the hardware of the doors and the installation, it is every homeowner’s wish to always keep them looking like new.

Therefore, follow the two tips below to maintain sparkling and clear glass doors. Following these, we go on to introduce some ideas around making your shower maintenance extremely easy.

Always Squeegee It Down

After every shower it is vital that you wipe your shower down with a squeegee. If not, it can result in the look of splotchy doors and even overtime develop a layer of residue.

However, when you squeegee it, there can be leftover drops of water on the corners or even around the door handle. Have a microfiber rag handy to wipe down any remaining water on the glass.

Make sure it is a microfiber rag and not just any regular one as the microfiber absorbs water and maintain a very soft surface that won’t scratch or leave marks on the glass.

Clean It Entirely Once A Month

Even if you squeegee your glass doors after every shower, they may still look cloudy due to the mineral buildup. It is vital that you clean them when they are dry with either a glass cleaner or a cleaning sponge. Be careful not to put too much pressure when cleaning as you can start to dislocate the bolts.

If you are unsure of what cleaning products to use, try a few that are safe for glass on a few different spots and see which one shows the best results.

Without proper caring, your shower door can start to develop a mineral build up which will result in cloudy and dirty looking glass. To maintain a beautiful and clean bathroom, maintaining your shower door is essential. Due to the amount of space the doors take up, it can say a lot about the bathrooms vibe.

However, the best way to maintain a spa like and beautiful bathroom is to be sure that your shower is also clean and organized.

Making the Job Easier

Shower maintenance does not have to be difficult, so look at companies such as Agua Flux, for example, who sell a range of water saving and control accessories; you will still need to clean your shower doors, but you’ll have a lot more say in the flow of the water in the first place.

Keep your bathroom cupboard well stocked with cleaning products, too, so you can always spray a product such as Flash onto your shower doors and give them a quick blast with water, even if you do not have a squeegee to hand.

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