How To Keep Your Garden Mosquito-Free

by Editor on April 30, 2013


You’ve had the weekend all planned out, to have a barbecue party with your family and close friends. The weather forecast is going to be good the whole day, so there really is no fear of rain ruining your get-together. It’s going to be a great and wonderful time, and nothing’s going to ruin it for all of you, except, that is, those pesky, bloodthirsty mosquitoes that will be buzzing around and biting you.

Mosquitoes are very common pests. They can live anywhere, as long as there are bushes and hiding places to hide in. They also breed very quickly, and if you don’t do anything to control their population, your garden will soon be overrun by these pests. Pretty soon, they’ll be invading your home as well.

Mosquito bites are pretty harmless, only causing an itchy, red, raised spot that typically goes away after a few hours. But if your garden is home to some infected mosquitoes though, then you are at risk of acquiring diseases and illnesses such as dengue.

Infected or not though, you still have to keep your garden free from mosquitoes.

Remove Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs on water that’s stagnant, so one of the most obvious reasons why your garden has an abundance of mosquitoes is because there is a stagnant pool of water somewhere. It could be an old pail or tire that’s gathering water; it could be a depression on the soil where water accumulates; and it could even be clogged gutters, preventing proper drainage of water.

If you want to reduce the mosquito population in your garden, then you need to look for their breeding places. If there’s a pail gathering water, then throw it away or at least turn the pail upside down so it won’t catch and accumulate water. If there are depressions in your garden, then cover them up with soil, gravel, or pebbles. For clogged gutters, you need to clean them and remove any debris that are blocking them. The important thing is to drain the water and prevent it from pooling.

Maintain Pool Cleanliness

It’s important that you maintain the cleanliness of your pool’s water, especially if you’re not going to use it for a long time. Not only will it help you save money, but it will also help keep the water clean and healthy.

Use your pool cover as needed – during the colder season when the pool’s not in use or when you’re going on a long vacation. This will keep debris such as dead leaves and garbage out of the pool. At the same time, this will also prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

During the summer season when the pool is almost always used, you need to see to it that the water is clean. Remove any floating debris – papers, dead leaves, twigs, plastic, etc. Add chlorine, too, as needed. This cleanses the water and kills pathogenic organisms, including mosquito eggs.

Make sure that the garden is always clean. The bushes are neat and trimmed; the tree branches are cut so it doesn’t touch the house; there are no stagnant water anywhere; the grass is short; there are no old piles of wood and garbage that pests can hide in. Don’t ever forget these seasonal garden cleanups, to ensure that mosquitoes are kept away.


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