How To Improve Your Home Interior With New Furniture

by Editor on June 14, 2013


Most of us recognize that the best way to make an impact on your home interior is to do something drastic, such as completely change the layout of rooms, or redecorate in a style and color scheme completely different to the existing one.  While those courses of action might sound exciting, they can also be expensive, particularly if you’re planning to hire a decorator, and take time to implement.

One alternative is to make subtle changes to your home. Just because something is subtle, that doesn’t mean it won’t have a big impact. Instead of tearing off your existing wallpaper or going wild and eclectic with your color scheme, buying furniture can have just as much of an impact, and will probably make you happier in the longer term.

Here are some ideas to help you improve your home with furniture.

Do the Opposite of Your Home

From a guests’ perspective, there is nothing better than visiting someone’s home and being taken aback by the interior. We’re not talking doing anything shocking, but often having the opposite of the exterior as the interior works brilliantly.

If you live in a new build home or a modern flat, fill your interior with vintage or antique furniture. If you live in an older building, make your interior as modern as possible. Of course, this will depend on your own tastes, and if you live in an older building the chances are it’s because you like older stuff, but even having one room that is different can bring a whole new feeling to the house.

Upcycle Your Own Furniture

Upcycling furniture is a huge trend taking the world by storm. If you’re of creative mind, this is a great way to put that to use and have some fun at the same time. All it takes is a roll of sandpaper and a tin of paint, and you can take the most battered old chair and turn it into a stunning piece of shabby chic furniture.

Where you get your furniture to upcycle is down to you. Second hand shops, jumble sales, and even skips are all great places to start looking.

Buy Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are a central part of fashion, but they can also be useful when it comes to interior design, too.

The trick is to know what will resemble a statement piece in your home. Forget about a 60-inch wall-mounted television, we’re talking proper furniture. You might buy an antique bureau that sits away in an alcove in your lounge, or a huge dining table that is much bigger than you need but has a real presence in your house.

What will stand out and give a unique slant to every room? Think along those lines and you’ll be onto a winner.

Think Convenience

When we tackle home improvement, we often forget to think of the things that would help from a convenience as much as an aesthetic perspective. For example, if you’re looking at bedroom or kitchen improvements, Superglide Wardrobes can help with both the design and installation processes, while a variety of companies exist to help with general home improvements as well as other specific rooms around the house.

Interior Improvements

Improving the interior of your home with furniture is more fun than fully redecorating. It’s also useful because if you change your mind, it’s easier to sell a table on eBay than it is to repaint or wallpaper a wall!

About the Author

Terance Nichols is a home improvement consultant who encourages subtle interior design principles above widespread changes wherever possible.

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