How To Improve Your Home Exterior

by Editor on May 17, 2013

Install Moisture Barrier Exterior Remodeling

With the summer months rolling in, now is the best time of year to carry out exterior home improvements. You might just want to carry out a few quick fixes, such as removing weeds, or perhaps you want to do a complete rejuvenation, such as upgrading to upvc windows. No matter what project you choose to undertake, you should pay special attention to the following details:


Use a squeegee to get your windows sparkling clean and streak-free. Do this as soon as possible so that you can enjoy sunny days without dirt being exposed when sunlight filters through the glass. Use a squeegee with a new, sharp rubber blade. Give your windows a lift by adding window boxes and colourful flowers. Remove cobwebs from underneath the window sills and give the sills a lick of paint. To completely rejuvenate the look of your home, replace old wooden windows with new UPVC windows.


Mow your lawn and remove weeds. Identify a suitable location that can support a hanging basket. Place potted plants on your porch and choose plants with colours that match your hanging basket and window box flowers. Plant fragrant flowers in your window boxes and pots so that you will be hit by a sweet aroma as you walk passed. If you are planting trees, choose a mix of evergreens and seasonal species so that your garden doesn’t look bare in the winter.


Dirty walls should be washed and painted; use a power-washer to speed up the process. If you are choosing a new paint colour, make sure it does not clash with your neighbour’s house. Alternatively you can hang trellises and creeper plants to cover walls, though be aware that creepers can destroy plaster.


Sweep down your pavement and driveway and use a power washer to lift stubborn dirt. To lift oil stains from a concrete driveway, use sawdust or cat litter to absorb any excess oil and check out your local DIY store for their range of commercial solvents that will lift the rest of the stain.

Fences And Gates

Fences and Gates should be repaired, treated, painted and sealed. Choose a paint colour that blends in with the rest of the house and garden.


A well-maintained door can make or break the appearance of your home’s exterior. Wooden doors that are exposed to the weather should be repainted and resealed once a year. For a maintenance-free option, replace your old doors with UPVC doors. Pay special attention to the small details such as the: doorbell surround, letter box, door handle, door knocker and house numbers.


Illuminate your garden with electric or solar-powered garden lights. These can be placed on the ground among plants or hung in trees.

Roof, Gutters and Drains

Safely climb a ladder and clean your roof tiles to remove stains and dirt. Use the opportunity to replace old and broken roof tiles. Use a trowel to remove leaves and dirt from your gutters. Check your drains to see if they need to be unclogged.

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