How To Improve Your Backyard This Spring

by Editor on May 30, 2013


As spring is already here, it’s time to think about your backyard landscape. If you’re still unhappy with the way your backyard looks after removing the layers of leaves from the fall, trimming bushes, cutting down low-hanging branches and dead trees, and planting some fresh flowers, try to give it more color, create an attractive outdoor sitting space, check the latest carport designs and even opt for specific Feng Shui elements. Here are some practical ideas that can help you enhance the overall ambiance of your backyard.

  • Clean Up: To improve your backyard, it’s very important to clean it up before moving forward. Thus, start by cleaning your outdoor furniture, grill, patio, deck and pathways. To make sure that your backyard looks fresh and tidy, also repair or buy a new fence. Also make sure that you clean out your sheds and garages to make sure that you have all of the equipment necessary to make your backyard clean this season.
  • Make Bold Adjustments: Although considered a challenging ambition, making bold adjustments in your plant selection can help you create a stunning backyard. Some of the wild plant species you can grow are Amaranth, Bistort, Cat-Mint, Dog Rose, Evening Primrose and Marsh Marigold. To achieve some truly spectacular results, it’s critical to present wildlife in a manner that pleases you and your neighbors. Having some eye-pleasing plants will make your backyard visually stunning to look at whenever you go outside to your yard this season.
  • Feng Shui Your Backyard: This is possible only after you grow several wild plant species. Since Feng Shui is a concept that shows respect for nature, try to choose plants that create a harmonious ambiance. Besides plants, one of the most common Feng Shui elements you can use across your yard is bagua – eight diagrams, also referred to as trigrams, representing yin and yang.  
  • Opt for Must-Have Features: To really enjoy the time you’ll spend in your backyard, choose some attractive additions, such as small bamboo fountains, wooden bridges, benches, double chaise lounges and swings with canopies. Some other useful items you can incorporate into this area include an island, grill, pizza oven, sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and storage solutions.
  • Choose the Right Carport Design: By simply opting for one of the most ingenious and appealing carport designs that are appropriate for your surroundings, you’ll not only embellish your yard, but also increase your home value. Obviously, the best idea is to choose a wooden carport that blends seamlessly into the natural outdoor setting you’re trying to create.
  • Choose the Right Lighting: Lighting is another important issue you should consider when upgrading your backyard. To make evening entertainment convenient, your space should have ample lighting. Some options you may select include lanterns, string lights, candles, wall sconces, ceiling fan lights and solar lights.

All of the tips listed will help you create the perfect backyard this spring that can last all the way up until the end of the summertime. But you shouldn’t just follow these tips just once; make it a yearly routine for your backyard so that is can be the best backyard possible, and make sure to keep up with your yard during the spring and summer seasons.

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