How To Furnish Your Sitting Room

by Staff Editor on May 17, 2013

Buying furniture for your home is an exciting time. It means you can unleash your creative side and let your imagination run free. However, it’s a good idea to pause and ponder before dashing out to the shops and snapping up the first pieces of furniture you see . You want to make sure you’ve considered the design you want, the space you really have, and your budget.


What is your sitting room like? The scenario might be that it’s  keeping up with the rest of your house, or perhaps it might be time for you to create a separate, individual area. For example, many people opt to have a large family room and a snug sitting room. This way, they can have an area where the kids can run riot and enjoy themselves as well as a safe haven for when they can truly unwind.

Whatever your ideal sitting room might be, think about the type and style of furniture you want to put in it (e.g., modern, antique or a mixture of the two). Thankfully, we have the internet to help generate ideas so we can simply browse online for inspiration, rather than trawling around the shops! So, start by having a good look at different designer sitting rooms, color schemes and furnishings.


This goes hand-in-hand with the design part of furnishing your sitting room. In addition to the size of your sitting room, consider its nature. Think about its shape, its purpose and how light it is. If you’ve already decided what the room is to be used for, then this should help with the purchasing process.

You might want to  mark areas of the room out, using string or a piece of ribbon, once you’ve decided on the type of furniture you want. Make sure you consider what the room will actually look like once completed. For example, if it’s a light and large room, then you can naturally get away with having a couple of bigger pieces of furniture in it.However, if it’s smaller and fairly darker room, then you might want to choose smaller pieces of furniture that won’t dominate it too much. Also, be realistic. After all, it’s no use squeezing in more furniture only to find that you have to breathe in every time you want to move from the sofa passed the bookcase or constantly bang your knees on the coffee table because it’s too close to the armchair.


This is the most important part. You need to know at the outset how much money you have to furnish your sitting room. However, if your budget is small, then this does not necessarily mean that you have to go with a cheaper brand. Instead, you might want to prioritize on the key items you want and start with them before gradually expanding your collection. Remember also to always go with quality rather than quantity, even if that means that you have to wait longer before you obtain all the pieces of furniture you would ideally like to have in your sitting room.

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