How To Find The Best Home Contractors

by Editor on June 15, 2013

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You only want the best people to come and carry out improvement work in your home.  We’ve all seen the DIY shows where disasters have happened because homeowners have tried to do work themselves or where cowboy builders have completed work that has fallen apart within hours of them leaving the site.

Botched work leads to stress, anger, and more often than not, paying out much more money than what was spent on the original job in the first place. Even if your need for home improvement work is critical, it pays to take the time to ensure you’re only getting the very best individual contractors or companies working in your house.

Here are some ways you can ensure you get great work done at a fair price.

Talk to Your Friends

Everyone knows someone who had home improvement work done that didn’t turn out as well as it did for one of their friends. We then hear the angst-ridden, “I really wanted it to be like yours,” cry designed to bring sympathy to the ‘wronged’ individual.

However, my response to that would be simple. Why didn’t you ask your friend who did their work, and use the same person?

I’m not sure why, but the world is filled with people who are scared to ask those sorts of questions, lest they appear to be copying someone else’s ideas. If your friend had some great work done, ask who did it!

Use Contractor Websites

There are many freelancer and contractor websites to be found online. While some are general and bring together several industries, there are plenty of them specific to home improvement and contractors.

Not only are these excellent for getting the best range of quotes from contractors, you can also view the feedback posted by previous customers, so you can have real confidence that the work you’re going to get done is to a high standard. We’d suggest you probably want to look for contractors with the most feedback, as some have been known to use friends and family members to complete reviews just to make them look good.

You should also look for those who feature their own website and are happy to provide pictures of previous work.

Supplier Fittings

This is my favorite way to ensure something is going to be done to a great standard. When you buy something from a retailer, this might mean a fitted kitchen or bathroom, or something less dramatic like sliding door wardrobes, if they offer a fitting and installation service, take advantage of it.

I must stress that this is only for home improvement ideas such as those that need the professional touch, and who better to do it than the person you’ve purchased it from? You also need to consider that warranties might be invalidated if certain products are modified or damaged by contractors, and that you’ll end up having to pay double just to replace it.

Don’t Settle for Less

Taking the cheap route is often attractive, but it usually ends up with an ironic twist that makes it even more expensive. Always ensure you have the very best contractors carrying out work on your behalf, and be sure to get quality every time.

About the Author

Terance Nichols is a home improvement consultant who works with homeowners and landlords to rectify issues with unsatisfactory workmanship. Terance believes that the safest option for great home improvements is to have the supply and fitting of any new products or featured carried out by the same people.

photo by: BryanAlexander

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