How to Find Stylish and Ergonomic Furniture for Your Home

by Editor on June 14, 2013

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Working at home should mean having the comforts of home. Unfortunately, office furniture is not always the most comfortable, nor is it great for your posture or body. Comfort during work allows you to focus on your task without being distracted by an awkward or stiff chair that can cause back or neck pain. Ergonomic furniture is designed with comfort, range of motion, and good posture in mind in order to maximize work productivity and efficiency. It will also keep you from feeling as tired or drowsy, allowing you to stay alert and on task for longer periods of time during your workday. Poorly designed furniture can cause you to slouch, making you tired and less focused. Clearly ergonomically designed furniture is the way to go. When putting furniture in your home, however, you are not only concerned with ergonomics. You also want your office furniture to have style and to fit in with the design of your home. Ultimately, you are looking for the best of both worlds, and you can have it! Your home furniture can be both stylish and practical.

When searching for office furniture, two items are most important for an ergonomically designed space. You should consider your chair, and your desk space specifically to make sure you design a home office space that will allow you to work more efficiently.

Not all chairs are alike. There are various options to consider when choosing the right chair for you. Look into chairs that allow a wide range of movement. They should allow the user to lean back while still keeping the feet on the ground. The best chairs have synchro tilt devices underneath the seat, which will allow forward and backward motion, keeping fatigue to a minimum despite long periods of time seated at a desk. Next consider other features. Do you want armrests? How high does your chair need to be? Also look into backrests that adjust, seat pan and the chair base. Once you have found a few chairs that match the specifications you need, check out the buyer reviews. These can often be found on the webpage of the specific item. If you are able, a “test- sit” is a good idea. Try chairs out to see how they feel and if they work for you.

Next, it is important to consider your desk. How you set up your desk can impact ergonomics a great deal. The first thing to consider is your keyboard. Your mouse and the keyboard should be as close together as possible. Also, your monitor should be placed on a sleek stand in order to sit at eye level. As for finding a stylish and ergonomic desk, the most important factor to consider is desk height. The ideal desk will have an adjustable height, allowing you to find what works best for you, or change the height depending on what kind of work or project you are completing.

You can find furniture that meets these ergonomic requirements at various stores. However, sometimes it can be tricky to find furniture that is stylish as well. Three stores provide both style and function.

First, IKEA is a great store to visit when looking for a piece that will look great, provide ergonomics and also an affordable price tag. IKEA is unique in that they set up sample rooms using their furniture to give you an idea of how you can design your own home spaces. This will give you an opportunity to actually try out the furniture and picture how it will look from a style standpoint.

The Home Solution is another great place to search for stylish and ergonomic furniture. While this is an online store, the company specializes in ergonomically designed furniture. They actually have Ergonomists on staff to help you choose the best product for your home office space.

Finally, HomeQ is a wonderful and design forward furniture company focused on providing furniture that is of top-notch construction, quality materials, and chic designs. They provide a wide and extensive selection of office furniture giving you lots to choose from in regard to furniture types as well as colors, materials, and designs.

There are various resources to help you during your home office design. Making sure your home office space is ergonomically designed can be done and it can be done stylishly. Be sure to have criteria when looking at furniture to ensure the product you purchase not only appeals to your eye but to your comfort and productivity as well.

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