How to Design the Perfect Playroom for Your Kids

by Editor on July 12, 2013

Playroom on the 26th floor

A playroom is a special and enchanting space for your children. This is where they will thrive, learn, interact and develop. Inspire their creativity with a perfect playroom space that will provide them with everything they need and cater to their interests. Here are some great ideas for designing your kids’ ideal playroom space!

First, be sure your layout is practical for your children and their needs. Be sure to keep most of the furniture around the outskirts of the room and against walls so that they are out of the way. This makes sure that there is ample play space in the center of the room for various activities and adventures! Keeping things to the side prevents accidents such as common trips and falls in order to protect your kids and their friends!

In the center of the room, you may choose to place a large rug on the floor. This makes playing comfortable and soft for safety and comfort. A large rug is an ideal space to sprawl out in a reading nook or set up a toy train set! Also, a large area rug can add style to your space with fun colors. Try to choose a rug that is vibrant but also classic so that the style will grow with your family’s changing tastes.

Next, consider storage. Lots of toys can quickly become a huge mess when children get carried away (as they should) at playtime. Make sure clean up time is simple and seamless. Built in shelving and drawers is an ideal option that will be timeless, stylish, and extremely practical even when this room is no longer a play area. In these shelving slots you can provide bins for all toys. Bins come in various styles such as plastic or wicker depending on your taste and preference. These bins can slide easily into built in shelving units against your walls so that your children can quickly pull them out without having to reach or climb. Keep all bins low to the floor. If there are items you want out of reach from your kids, have some space higher up. This way they will have to ask for permission before using a specific toy so that you can supervise accordingly.

Next, make sure seating is available for various activities. Typically, soft furniture is ideal for safety. Consider a large couch if you have a television in your playroom where kids can snuggle up. This should be covered in fabric as opposed to a couch with exposed wood or metal details. For other kid friendly furniture ideas, consider having bean bags around the room or cushioned and fabric covered stools. These are easy to move around and easy to wash if a mess is made. Some stools even open up on top to provide more storage inside!

Once your playroom space is designed efficiently, safely, and whimsically you can add the best toys for 2013 to the mix for the ultimate playroom that your kids will enjoy thoroughly! Not only will this space provide them with endless fun, but it will also give you piece of mind knowing the room can easily be cleaned, there is storage for all toys and items, and most importantly, that your kids are playing in a safe environment.

photo by: Lars Plougmann

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