Guides In Creating The Ultimate Urban Garden

by Editor on April 30, 2013

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How to Create the Ultimate Urban Garden

More individuals are flocking to the cities simply because jobs are easier to find there. So every year, many of us become urban dwellers but still yearn for the beauty of rural life. Urban gardens can really add to the home and also are a very desirable addition, aside from being a practical outdoor space.

The most important thing when creating a garden like this is to manage to really make as much of the room available as possible. It’s quite easy to turn the smallest and boxiest space into something of an outdoor haven in a metropolis. So, here are our tips to create an amazing urban garden and make your home all the more sellable.

Grass Free

Yes, we all associate the great outdoors and the garden with grass. However, going grass free can be a great way to create a wonderfully unique outdoor living space. If your outdoor area is all brick and concrete, often it looks a lot better if you avoid the green stuff. It also makes the area easier to maintain.


The best way to really make a small outdoor area more interesting is to split the levels. This can be easily done and also really can create an extra element of attractiveness to the area – something potential buyers will love.

Colour Works

We’ve just said that avoid grass is a good idea quite often. However, using bright colours and patterns can really work and allow the area to stand out – so don’t be afraid to add a little vivacity in colour form.


Neutral tones can really maximise the amount of brightness in the area. This is especially the truth if the garden is a walled area. It’s also a nice contrast to the plants and like all the other tips should help to sell property quickly, as well as increase comfort and style.


One of the things we would say about urban areas is that there are some very straight lines, everywhere. Using curved and angled furniture breaks up this regimented view, creates interest and also looks great. You can also use colours in your furniture to really brighten the place up and give it a warmer appeal. You want to have plenty of seating areas, so you and your friends can enjoy those urban BBQs when the time is right.

An urban garden can be a really great getaway and allow you the chance to get away from the buzz of the city and enjoy the outside world. It’s a real saver if you’re cooped up all day and most importantly will add thousands to the price of your home.

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