How To Create A Soft Contrast To Those Straight Lines In Your New Home

by Editor on May 9, 2013

Our new home

Many people now choose to decorate their homes in quite a clinical manner. White is definitely the in colour. But what happens when you want to relax in the evening? White isn’t necessarily a colour which is conducive to relaxation.

The DIY revolution which happened just a decade or so ago left many of us removing the decorative elements of our home and instead opting for crisp lines and solid colours which do little to add to the charm of a room. We’re not saying that the clinical look doesn’t look good. It does, but it has its place. It is hard to imagine however being curled up on a sofa in front of an open fire in a minimalistic room which has few ornaments or any particular theme.

There are a few ways you can add the comfort factor back into a room:

Soft furnishings

Just adding a selection of cushions or throws to a stark room can really make a difference to how a room looks and how it feels. Try to use an array of colours which complement each other while also reflecting the room’s base colour. Use throws on the back or sofas or draped over armchairs. They come in particularly useful when you feel a bit chilly and their vibrant colours can really add that zhush.


If you are only using your main light you are really missing a trick. Soft lighting or directional lighting can really make a difference to how a room feels. Try using soft lighting, such as that which is created by soft tone bulbs or bulbs which give off a ‘warm’ light. Steer clear of blue light or clinical light. It can also be a great idea to add a few small lamps around the room or a large downlight which can create shadows across the floor and highlight certain parts of the room.


Instead of the plastered ‘hole in the wall’ which many rooms seem to have nowadays a return to a real fire can really make a room feel softer around its edges. You don’t have to choose an open fire, a living flame fire or similar will work just as well.


Adding some style to the room can be done quite easily by choosing the right pictures for the walls and adding some photos of friends and family. Choose pictures or paintings which add colour to the room. An easy way to choose if you are focusing on colour is simply to choose pictures which make you feel happy. Don’t focus too much on a hidden meaning or what the painting ‘says’. It’s how it makes you feel that’s important.


If you want to make a big impact in a room changing the colour on the walls can really make a difference. Choose warming colours which have an undertone of yellow or gold. These can add warmth to the room and actually make us feel better due to the colour yellows’ connotations with the sun.

About the Author

Dale Boland loves the colour yellow. He is an interior designer from Corbridge. As a quick fix to make a room feel loved, he suggests using different types of lighting. He buys his bulbs from JB light bulbs.

photo by: NCBrian

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