How To Create A Beautiful Cabin Look

by Editor on May 20, 2013


There is nothing more exciting for someone who loves design, than having the opportunity to create a new look in a new space. One of the first and most important steps in any design project is deciding what theme to create in your home.

One perfect inspiration is the style of your home, for example, a sleek city condo is a great place to utilize modern style designs, where a cozy farm house lends itself to simple, classic styles. You will also want to consider the outdoor environment surrounding your space. Are you in a quiet suburb, or a lakeside setting? These are all things to keep in mind when deciding what theme to use to guide your interior design project.

Once you’ve chosen a guiding theme to start your project, you can then start putting together the pieces neccesary to create your dream home. A great place to start is by utilizing whatever you can that you already own. You may have a great couch or piece of art that could meld perfectly with the look you’re trying to create. There is no need to spend more money than you have to; sometimes with a few tweaks, your existing furniture can be just perfect.

If you’ve decided on a rustic theme, look for pieces of furniture in natural fabrics. A leather couch is a great choice, and there are now many cruelty-free options that look and feel just like real leather. If you have a fireplacee make sure to use that as the focal point of the room.

A neutral tan color is great for walls, and choose either natural hardwood or simple burbur carpet for the floors. For a true rustic feel, try hanging antique skis or snowshoes over the mantle. Anywhere you can bring the outdoors in will add to your rugged, natural look. A beautiful pair of antlers always looks great, and animals shed them naturally every year, so there is no cruelty involved. Casthorn designs makes the most gorgeous antler chandeliers and antler sconces, and that will pull together your rustic decore perfectly.

For a more modern look, try to incorporate sleek furniture and clean metal accents. Here the focal point should be the windows, because glass can really enhance modern design. Try to incorporate at least one cutting edge piece of furniture, or if that’s not possible, a striking piece of modern art. If art isn’t quite in your budget, make your own! Research the work of modern artists, and do your best to emulate their color choice and style.

For flooring, dark wood looks great, or a polished concrete with white, abstractly shaped rugs. Keep the walls bright white or dark grey, and don’t overdo the accessories. A few brightly colored throw pillows are really all you need! Modern decore is a perfect choice for a small urban space, since its simplicity creates the feeling if airiness, and makes a small space feel larger than it is.

No matter what style you choose, try to be consistent. It helps to have ‘inspiration piece’ like a piece of art that you love, or a teacup that you simply can’t live without! Most importantly, have fun!

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