How To Clean Your Garage: 6 Tips For Sorting And Organizing The Clutter

by Editor on May 6, 2013


Most of us are guilty of ignoring the clutter that is accumulating in our garage. Even if we are aware of the mess, we tend to push the thought at the back of our minds thinking that the garage is supposed to be messy- until you need to find something important.

Our garage tends to be the dumping site for just about everything, from garden tools to camping gear. With that said, it is crucial to take the time to sort and organize the things stored inside it. Unfortunately, if the mess is overwhelming, you might not know where you should start. Here are a few tips to help you sort and organize the clutter to help you gain an organized, sanitary, andĀ neat garage.

Make Time And Find Help

The first thing you should do is find the time to clean your garage. You must avoid procrastinating and reserve a few days to clean out your garage. For instance, you can reserve at least three consecutive weekends for de-cluttering.

In addition, you must also find help. It is advisable that you ask help from your family members since sorting out the mess in your garage is a huge undertaking; thus, it is difficult to do alone. Remember that the more help you get, the lesser work there is for you and the sooner you finish the job.


You must have a good idea of what you want to use the space for. Although it is a garage- typically used as a parking area for your vehicle, you can also use it for other purposes, such as a workspace, garden shed, or an extra room. Regardless of how you want to use it, you should place your priorities in order. In doing so, you will have an easier time sorting, removing, and organizing your garage.

Clean Out The Space

Although this takes time and effort, you still need to clean out your garage. You can use a huge tarp where you can place your items or you can place them on your lawn or driveway. Remember not to leave the items where it will disrupt traffic or make it inconvenient for others. Once you have everything out, you can start sweeping and washing down the floors and walls of your garage. You can also consider painting the walls and repairing any holes, cracks, and other damages.

Start Organizing The Items

You have to commit yourself to getting rid of most of the items stored in your garage. You can segregate the items: those you want to keep, throw away, and donate. You might also want to have a place where you can pile seasonal and valuable items you don’t need but don’t wish to part with.

As a tip, you can keep these items in a storage unit facility. These units are located away from your home but your items will remain safe and secured. Storing valuable items this way will help you keep valuable items without cluttering your house.

Create Zones

This involves sorting items by similarity and taking an inventory of what you have. This will help you get a good idea of what you have and how much space you need. The next thing you should do is to designate zones for the items you decided to keep. For instance, you should reserve a space for your car, garden tools and equipment, and so on. You can also use the walls by adding shelves for additional storage space.

Place The Items Where They Belong

After designating an area for the items, it is time to put them in their rightful places. Once that’s done, you can now enjoy a clean and organized garage.


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